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flight of fancy

An imaginative but unrealistic idea. No one took his campaign for office seriously because his proposed solutions to problems were filled with flights of fancy.
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flight of fantasy

An imaginative but unrealistic idea. No one took his campaign for office seriously because his proposed solutions to problems were filled with flights of fantasy.
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flight of imagination

An imaginative but unrealistic idea. No one took his campaign for office seriously because his proposed solutions to problems were filled with flights of imagination.
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the top flight

The highest position or level in an organization, league, etc. Often used in sports. The local club is moving to the top flight, but are they ready?
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fight or flight

Two possible physiological reactions to highly stressful or threatening situations: to defend oneself or to run away. What you felt when faced with that attacker was fight or flight.
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in the top flight

At the top level or rank of a larger group or set. Used especially in reference to football (soccer). Primarily heard in UK. The underdog team is trying to secure their fourth consecutive win in the top flight, in what has been one of the most remarkable seasons for a team in recent memory.
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put (one) to flight

To cause someone to flee. Often used in passive constructions. The heroic officer stood in front of the bank tellers with his weapon raised toward the would-be burglars, putting them to flight instantly. It's nearly impossible to conceive of so many people being put to flight from their own country because of this conflict.
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take flight

To flee or run away (from someone or something). The would-be burglars took flight as soon as they heard the police sirens. We've committed our troops to this cause, and we shall not take flight just because the path has proved difficult.
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in full flight

Fleeing as quickly as someone or something can. The crook was in full flight, but the police are determined to find him.
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white flight

The phenomenon of white people relocating in large numbers, typically considered as a racist response to an influx of nonwhite people settling in their town or neighborhood. During the white flight of the 1950s, many families moved out of the city and into the suburbs.
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flight of fancy

an idea or suggestion that is out of touch with reality or possibility. What is the point in indulging in flights of fancy about exotic vacations when you cannot even afford the rent?
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Have a nice flight.

Please enjoy your flight. (Said when wishing someone well on an airplane trip. Often said by airline personnel to their passengers.) Clerk: Here's your ticket, sir. Have a nice flight. Fred: Thanks. As Mary boarded the plane, the flight attendant said, "Have a nice flight."
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in flight

while flying. A passenger became ill in flight and the pilot had to return to the airport. I really don't care to eat in flight. I am too nervous.
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in full flight

fleeing at great speed; escaping rapidly. The robbers were in full flight before the bank manager even called the sheriff.
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flight of fancy

An unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream. For example, She engaged in flights of fancy, such as owning a million-dollar house. This idiom uses flight in the sense of "a soaring of the imagination," a usage dating from the mid-1600s.
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put to flight

Cause to run away, as in The bombs put the civilians to flight. [Mid-1800s]
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take flight

Also, take wing. Run away, flee, go away, as in When the militia arrived, the demonstrators took flight, or The tenant took wing before paying the rent. The first idiom derives from the earlier take one's flight, dating from the late 1300s, and was first recorded in 1435. The variant was first recorded in 1704.
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a flight of fancy


a flight of fantasy

COMMON If you call an idea, statement, or plan a flight of fancy or a flight of fantasy, you mean that it is imaginative but not at all practical. This is no flight of fancy. The prototype is already flying, and production is to begin next year. The idea that you could use these satellites as weapons is a complete flight of fantasy.
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fight or flight

the instinctive physiological response to a threatening situation, which readies you either to resist violently or to run away.
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in full flight

escaping as rapidly as possible.
1938 Life A week later General Cedillo was reported in full flight through the bush, with Federal troops hot on his heels.
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a ˌflight of ˈfancy

an idea or a statement that is very imaginative but not practical or sensible: The idea is not just a flight of fancy. It has been done before.
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in the first/top ˈflight

among the best of a particular group: Everybody hopes that the new manager will be able to keep the team in the top flight next year.
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take ˈflight

run away: The gang took flight when they heard the police car.
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mod. of the highest caliber. We are looking for a top-flight manager for our new division.

flight of fancy

An imaginative but impractical idea. This cliché uses flight in the sense of a soaring imagination, a usage first recorded in 1668. Given this sense, fancy, meaning imagination, makes the phrase somewhat redundant, and it is not clear exactly when it was added. Oliver Goldsmith had the idea, if not the exact wording, in his poem “The Traveller” (1764): “To men of other minds my fancy flies.”
See also: fancy, flight, of
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