flight of fancy

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flight of fancy

An imaginative but unrealistic idea. No one took his campaign for office seriously because his proposed solutions to problems were filled with flights of fancy.
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flight of fancy

an idea or suggestion that is out of touch with reality or possibility. What is the point in indulging in flights of fancy about exotic vacations when you cannot even afford the rent?
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flight of fancy

An unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream. For example, She engaged in flights of fancy, such as owning a million-dollar house. This idiom uses flight in the sense of "a soaring of the imagination," a usage dating from the mid-1600s.
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a flight of fancy


a flight of fantasy

COMMON If you call an idea, statement, or plan a flight of fancy or a flight of fantasy, you mean that it is imaginative but not at all practical. This is no flight of fancy. The prototype is already flying, and production is to begin next year. The idea that you could use these satellites as weapons is a complete flight of fantasy.
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a ˌflight of ˈfancy

an idea or a statement that is very imaginative but not practical or sensible: The idea is not just a flight of fancy. It has been done before.
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Addressing recent reports that the camps provide fertile grounds for fanatics amid fears of fresh terrorist attacks, Abul Einein said, "I think speaking about the dangers of fanatic or evil groups in the camps is a flight of fancy.
DASHING Ewan McGregor has a flight of fancy as he romances Hilary Swank in his latest film.
PANIC AT THE DISCO: That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed): A soaring flight of fancy from a band that blends the bizarre with a sense of uniqueness so you end up singing along before you realise it.
It would be too easy to dismiss Sir Richard Branson's latest idea as a flight of fancy (geddit?
Although it may seem little more than a flight of fancy, Nissan believes that such a single-person vehicle could form the basis of the city car of the future.
CHILDREN will be taken on a flight of fancy at an historic house near Solihull later this month.
Even if the chair never makes it into production, Cole's flight of fancy and the love that propelled prove he's a rare pal indeed.
In his one rhetorical flight of fancy, Gaddis writes a spoof section that begins by declaring, deadpan, that Douglas MacArthur ordered atomic bombs dropped on the Chinese army as it began to rout the general's soldiers during the Korean War.
And, after the flight in the high wing, single-engine plane, loving couples will be presented with a rose, a scroll and a keepsake from their flight of fancy.
A charming flight of fancy to end this most stimulating and well-written book.
Steamboy'' is a Japanese anime flight of fancy that tries to carry some heavy questions.
Set in New South Wales, Australia in the mid-1800s, this flight of fancy features Miles McGinty and Isabel Dowling, whose unconventional beginnings in the Prince of Wales Theatre mark the beginning of a series of parallel and joint adventures.
WITH regard to the article `City's flight of fancy for the future' (Echo, April 9).
Now all the Beeb editors have to do is monitor the words to remove overblown tosh such as this flight of fancy, which featured in a general guide to National Hunt: "Jump racing is arguably the most life-encompassing sport there is.
That flight of fancy remains science fiction, but investigators may have taken a small step toward realizing it with their recent development of an enzymatic method of transforming such renewable resources into hydrogen gas.