fly to (someone or something)

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fly to (someone or something)

1. To travel to a particular place or destination by plane. I'm flying to Boston this weekend for a wedding. How long do you think will it take me to fly to Chicago from Dallas?
2. To rush to someone or something. My daughter isn't thrilled that I've gone back to work—she flies to me the minute I get home.
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fly to someone or something

to go to someone or something quickly and eagerly; to flee to someone or something. She flew to his arms as he got off the boat. Harry flew to Gloria and hugged her tight.
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fly to something

to go to something or some place by air. After Miami, we fly to Chicago. Let's fly to Paris for lunch.
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Continued research could help scientists control the interaction between two flies like making the male flies to fall in love and start courting.
The traps work best when placed in open areas where the trap is easy for flies to see from a distance.
They've found that a tiny dab of mouth-watering yeast paste incites male flies to strike threatening wing poses at each other and then come to blows.
In Tying Flies Like A Pro, experienced angler Marty Bartholomew explains how to create a smartly tied fly including the short-cuts and techniques used by experts to create attractive, durable, and effective flies to lure fish upon a hidden hook.
The three flies to dress for under 14-year-olds are: Pheasant tail, Diawl Bach, Super Glue Buzzer; for 14 to 18-year-olds: Claret Bumble, Olive Dabbler, Dunkeld.
However, when Bonini and her colleagues exposed flies to the herbicide paraquat, DJ-1 mutants died much sooner than normal flies.
Our results suggest that the potential of flies to transmit infection depends upon a current supply to the broiler house of Campylobacter-infected flies from the outside.
Chastain, associate dean of the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine, offers the following tips on which flies to look for and what can be done about them:
"We formulated a nontoxic bait that lures the flies to traps they can't escape from.
The scientists traced the differences between normal and minisleep flies to a mutation on the X chromosome within a particular gene known as Shaker.
They were used to dress flies to catch the trout in the reservoirs constructed to supply water to the lead mines.
Researchers may use flies to develop potential human sleep aids.
By genetically engineering the flies to express a particular membrane channel in their neurons, the researchers were able to install the equivalent of a remote control into the insects' brains.
Leishmania, a tropical parasite carried by sand flies, spreads prolifically to mammals by forcing the flies to regurgitate as they bite their prey, a new study finds.
A kind of ear new to science, a swiveling structure that picks up odors as well as sounds, enables fruit flies to sense sounds.