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The virus may serve as a potential insect-sterilization agent by reducing the fertility of flies, says Drion Boucias, an entomology professor with UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
Filth flies can carry thousands of bacteria on their feet, so when they alight on your sandwich, you're eating whatever it was they last landed on.
With the help of Brown + Associates inventive marketing work, Pfizer and Solitude IGR are changing the future of fly management, making it clear that wherever there's a horse lover, there are probably fewer flies.
To determine the prevalence of Campylobacter in flies around the broiler house, a total of 96 flies were captured singly within a distance of 50 m from the house by rackets equipped with small disposable plastic bags.
When the flies were kept awake for 24 hours, the researchers discovered further differences.
Flies were collected by hand, with a bug net, at various locations on the University of California campus, mainly the dairy barn, beef barn, and feedlot, from early July to mid-August 2003.
Findings show that flies sleep mostly at night, and younger ones sleep more than older (33-day-old) ones; some even nap to "catch up" on lost sleep.
By genetically engineering the flies to express a particular membrane channel in their neurons, the researchers were able to install the equivalent of a remote control into the insects' brains.
5] oocysts/ml were placed in petri dishes in each of five 4-liter paper cages with approximately 250 pupae of laboratory-reared house flies (Musca domestica F58WTZ strain).
A new study suggests that the tiny insects and people share even more biology than researchers had expected: The flies have cells that function much as those in the human pancreas do.
Flies sucked through ventilation shafts into industrial chicken coops may be the primary carriers of a major cause of food poisoning in people, a Danish study suggests.