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1. A person who has the potential for or who has achieved great success. Tim was such a high-flier in college that it's no surprise he's achieved such great success in his career.
2. A stock whose price rises much more quickly or dramatically compared to the market average due to high demand among investors. The media company's expansion has led it to be an expensive high-flier on the market, though there are doubts that it can sustain such dizzyingly high valuations.
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In Michigan, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights was asked to investigate after KKK fliers were distrubuted in Trenton, WWJ, a CBS affiliate in Michigan, (http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2016/09/09/fbi-investigating-after-kkk-fliers-threatening-black-people-turn-up-in-trenton/) reported on Sept.
Speaking after discussion of a legislative proposal by the Greens at the House Environment committee, chairman Adamos Adamou said that "the chaos we have all lived through with advertising fliers will come to an end".
And how much better than so many of the apartment community fliers I run across in my travel throughout the country.
Rather than computing the actual taxes paid, fliers can determine their refunds by comparing a telephone bill with a statement date in April 2006 to a bill with a statement date in September 2006.
Parents in the county have asked Americans United to help the school system draft a new policy governing distribution of religious fliers. That task may be complicated by an opinion from the 4th U.S.
His American, British, Scottish and German accents give personalities to the fliers on both sides.
Potential fliers should seek advice from financial, tax, and/or bankruptcy professionals.
Let's hope performing Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 audits of internal controls turns out to be easier for nonaccelerated fliers. Those of us who already have performed section 404 internal control audits will attest the process is long, complex, tedious and stressful.
Last weekend, at least two community groups responded with anti-hate fliers distributed to the same neighborhoods.
All of these fliers were trained instrument pilots, using skills not yet common among Naval Aviators.
Some researchers are investigating the use of giant balloons, but most proposals are for fixed-wing fliers, like conventional airplanes.
Posters and fliers mysteriously appeared all over the country on Aug.
In August, after weather and labor problems resulted in delayed and canceled flights, the airline apologized by giving its "Elite" status frequent fliers double bonus miles for the rest of 2000.
In addition, the overall traveling public is subsidizing frequent fliers through increased fares.