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1. A person who has the potential for or who has achieved great success. Tim was such a high-flier in college that it's no surprise he's achieved such great success in his career.
2. A stock whose price rises much more quickly or dramatically compared to the market average due to high demand among investors. The media company's expansion has led it to be an expensive high-flier on the market, though there are doubts that it can sustain such dizzyingly high valuations.
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The flier invited people to "an educational program for children of all ages (and their adults), where we'll explore the traditions of December and their origins, followed by a Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule."
What he did know is that the flier made him angry, which is why he painted a sign and set it up in his front yard.
Remaining to this day, however, are the bands with little money or luck, but who continue to photocopy their flier, pass them out at shows, and staple them to telephone poles.
(Chandler): 9-2 Knockeevan Magic 5 On Line Deal, Soldier Tom 6 Kilbarry Flier 10 Skelligs Mick 12 Droopys Magic, Show Me Mercy 16 Alfa Appeal, Take Your Oil 20 Blonde Admiral, Blonde Ranger, Droopys Magno, Fast Star 25 bar
Colozza had read in Scientific American that Georgia Tech was developing a 50-gram, flapping-wing flier for use on Earth.
The flier also raised the idea of building a large processing plant on the Toe Gwyn site.
At the moment, Reyes and Barrios are the main suspects in the flier scandal.
Such generous awards prompted Samuel Pruett, vice president of personnel at Procter & Gamble, to caution his employees in an internal memo: "Frequent flier points appear to be a free award, but in fact they are a form of supplier gift designed to influence the recipient and encourage greater purchase of the supplier's product." In other words: It's a bribe!
17 Chris Falvay, "Ansett Joins Asian Frequent Flier Push," The Australian, February 22, 1993, p.
The new frequent flier allows customers of both airlines to fly through each other's routes conveniently, and benefit from an extended frequent flier rewards programme.
Charles Schumer is calling for a federal review of complaints by consumers that they are losing millions of frequent flier miles without notice in confusing agreements.
Is the death bell tolling for frequent flier programs?
Enrolled in six different airline frequent flier programs, Carothers says she prefers to save up her points for a free ticket instead of upgrading her seat to business class.