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flick the bean

vulgar slang Of a woman, to masturbate by directly stimulating the clitoris, either with one's finger(s) or with a sex toy.
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popcorn flick

A film that is entertaining to watch but is generally not of a very high quality or rich in emotional or intellectual depth. A: "So what movie do you want to go see later?" B: "I don't feel like watching anything too heavy or complex—let's just see whatever popcorn flick is out."
See also: flick, popcorn

give (one) the flick (pass)

To summarily spurn, dismiss, or reject one. Primarily heard in Australia. Jonathan has had a broken heart ever since David gave him the flick. Management promptly gave the new accountant the flick pass after his miscalculation cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. They'll give me the flick if they ever find out I came into work drunk yesterday.
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flick off

1. To turn something off, typically a switch. A noun or pronoun can be used between "flick" and "off." I flicked off the living room light and headed upstairs to bed.
2. To remove something from someone or something with a quick touch or gesture. A noun or pronoun can be used between "flick" and "off." Startled, I immediately flicked the bug off my shoulder.
See also: flick, off

flick on

To turn something on, typically a switch. A noun or pronoun can be used between "flick" and "on." As soon as I flicked on the light, I could see that the house had been robbed.
See also: flick, on

chick flick

A movie that is primarily appealing or marketed to a female audience, and often focused on relationships and romance. That new romantic comedy seems like a real chick flick, so my girlfriends and I are going to go see it this weekend.
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flick out

1. [for the ends of a flame] to reach out as the flame burns. The flames of the campfire flicked out and threatened the cold fingers that were too close. The flames flicked out from the burning house and set a nearby tree on fire.
2. [for the tongue of a reptile] to come out suddenly. The snake's tongue flicked out regularly. The lizard's tongue flicked out, grabbed the insect and ate it.
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flick something off someone or something

 and flick something off
to brush or knock a speck of something off of someone or something with a quick movement. She flicked a speck of lint off his collar. She flicked off the lint.
See also: flick, off

flick something on

to turn something on, using a toggle switch. Mary came into the room and flicked the light on. Please flick on the light.
See also: flick, on

flick something out

[for a reptile] to push out its tongue quickly. The lizard flicked its tongue out repeatedly. The lizard kept flicking out its tongue at regular intervals.
See also: flick, out

flick something with something

to brush or knock something with something quickly or lightly. She flicked her finger at the fly that had lighted nearby. Tom flicked the vase with his sleeve and knocked it over.
See also: flick

flick through something

to turn quickly through the pages of something. Colleen flicked through the magazine, looking only at the advertisements. I have only had time to flick through the manuscript, but it looks okay.
See also: flick, through

give someone the flick


give someone the flick pass

If you give someone or something the flick or if you give them the flick pass, you get rid of them or say you do not want them. Nikki has given Brandon the flick. Brunker plans to give work the flick pass by the time he hits 30. Note: You can also say that someone gets the flick. These ridiculous games should get the flick so we can have a real championship. Note: In Australian football, a flick pass is a pass made by hitting the ball with an open hand. Flick passes are against the rules, which state that the ball should be passed by hitting it with the fist.
See also: flick, give, someone

give someone the flick (or get the flick)

reject someone (or be rejected) in a casual or offhand way. informal, chiefly Australian
See also: flick, give, someone

flick off

1. To remove something from a surface with a quick, brief sweeping motion: I flicked off the cat hair from my sweater before I went outside. The tailor flicked some loose threads off before giving me the suit.
2. To deactivate by using a switch; switch off: He flicked the light off and shut the door. She flicked off the bright lights to conserve energy.
See also: flick, off

flick on

To activate by switch; switch on: We flicked on the lights and entered the attic. Flick the heat on when you get home.
See also: flick, on


n. a movie intended for women and female interests. I hate chick-flicks. It’s a guy thing.


n. a movie. That was a pretty good flick, right?

skin flick

n. a movie featuring nudity. (see also nudie.) Max likes skin flicks better than real girls.
See also: flick, skin
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RIGA -- As the year-end deadline to hand in his official state income declaration to the State Revenue Service closed in, airBaltic President Bertolt Flick finally fell in line and delivered the document, by post, to the state office on Dec.
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Velden, Austria: The coffin including the remains of German-Austrian billionaire Karl Friedrich Flick has been stolen from a private gravesite at a cemetery in Velden, Southern Austria, on Sunday, police confirmed yesterday.
While the term chick flick was first used in the 1990s, the concept has been around since the 1930s when movie studios started producing films with plots that centered around the stereotypical interests of women.
The two gestures, ChiralRotate and Two-Finger Flick, are compatible with Microsoft Windows applications and can be used with any notebook or peripheral keyboard that integrates Synaptics' TouchPad touch-sensitive interfaces.