flex (one's) muscle(s)

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flex (one's) muscle(s)

1. Literally, to contract one's muscles, especially to demonstrate their size and strength. He's so vain, flexing his muscles in the mirror whenever he thinks no one is looking. She flexed her muscles and told us not to mess with her brother again.
2. By extension, to demonstrate one's influence, power, or strength. The small but outspoken nation has been flexing its muscles lately, with a wide range of military demonstrations. The wealthy business tycoon flexed his muscle to get the charges dropped against his son.
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flex one's muscles

Show off one's strength or power, as in The boys love flexing their muscles, or The new department head has decided to flex her muscles. [Early 1900s]
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flex your muscles


flex your muscle

COMMON If people or organizations flex their muscles or flex their muscle, they behave in a way that is intended to show that they have power and are considering using it. A pro-democracy movement is starting to flex its muscles. The miners' actions last year seem to have encouraged workers in the oil industry to flex their industrial muscle.
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flex your muscles

give a show of strength or power.
1998 Times Mr Prescott is flexing his muscles and the City is wondering just how far he is prepared to go.
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flex your ˈmuscles

show that you are ready and prepared to use your power, abilities, etc: He’s flexing his muscles, waiting for the day he becomes president.
Athletes flex (= stretch and tighten) their muscles before a race, a fight, a game, etc.
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flex (one's) muscles

To exhibit or show off one's strength.
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But Philippine and US military officials were quick to deny that these exercise scenarios were to flex muscle at China or were aimed at any specific threat.
Similarly, 1165 candidates will flex muscle on General, 79 on women and 20 non-Muslims seats for KP Assembly.
He cannot meet you because he is truly busy not because you don't want him to meet and you want to flex muscle. Do not make promises in your boss's name that cannot be kept...
They need to focus on diplomatic talks instead of trying to flex muscle."
But my choice would not have been to flex muscle overseas in the so-called national interest against regimes said to be killing their own people whilst neglecting our own.
"Better to sit down and negotiate than to flex muscle and isolate," said Tim Malloy, assistant poll director.
Meanwhile, I hear a collective prayer in mosques for the law of morka to flex muscle.
" FLEX MUSCLES After the ruling was issued by Justice Byram Ongaya, the commission applied for a stay of the orders as it pursues an appeal against the entire judgement, a prayer that was rejected.
Philippine Volcanoes flex muscles vs Singapore !-- -- Olmin Leyba (The Philippine Star) - June 4, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Philippine Volcanoes repeated as champions of the Asia Rugby Championship Division I tournament after prevailing over tough Singapore, 29-21, on wet conditions at the Taipei Municipal Stadium over the weekend.
"Some countries from outside the region come to the South China Sea to flex muscles in the name of freedom of navigation," he added.
He was responding to an analyst who expressed concerns that the move was to flex muscles before the July 29 national elections.
Haji said his team will not be cowed by powerful graft cartels that flex muscles to block prosecution.
Although PTI has not announced a power show in the city, however, it is highly expected that the party would flex muscles in the metropolis very soon, an indication of which was given by Aamir Liaquat through a tweet.The Pak Sarzameen Party led by former MQM leader, Mustafa Kamal, is also gaining ground in the city.
Yet it would be better advised to flex muscles towards common enemies, not in the direction of supposed allies.
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