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Early favorite Pocari Sweat takes on a Philippine Air Force side that flew under the radar in a best-of-three duel.
This accomplished guilty pleasure probably won't achieve more than modest cult favor, but should nonetheless be a profile-raiser for director/co-scenarist Zack Parker, whose three prior features flew under the radar.
Chitosan, with its seafood origin, could possibly pose problems for strict vegetarians and vegans, but it wouldn't be the first food additive that flew under the radar.
She flew under the radar until the live shows but has emerged as the best singer.
Last year they flew under the radar as a First Division club and beat Sligo Rovers in a dramatic final.
Camara flew under the radar this year, competing for time on a talented Stoneridge team that included nine Division I signees.
This guy really flew under the radar for a long time,'' Dunkle said.
Dean flew under the radar despite leading the Scorpions to the Div.
He certainly flew under the radar,'' Crespi coach Mike Odman said of Reed, a two-time league champion who entered his senior season largely unnoticed outside of the Mission League.
Soumare flew under the radar because he didn't start playing football until two years ago.