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All my command pilots flew attack helicopters in 'Nam.
The squadron was soon ordered south to Pusan, from which it flew missions all over Korea.
Kearl also flew over Kitty Hawk during the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight and over ``Thunder over Louisville,'' a Kentucky air show that ends in what is billed as North America's largest pyrotechnic display.
Baugh said the B-25s he flew would cruise at about 200 miles per hour.
12, 1953, just a few days before the 50th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight, Yeager bested Crossfield when he flew an X-1A to a record speed of more than Mach 2.
Among the aircraft Schneider flew while at Dryden was the SR-71 Blackbird, a favorite among Antelope Valley aviation fans.
The jet-powered GlobalFlyer will also be a much higher-flying aircraft than the propeller-driven Voyager, which flew under 20,500 feet.
A Women's Auxiliary Ferry Squadron pilot, Watson flew fighters, bombers and transports and even did tests of the then newfangled radar during World War II.
MOJAVE - Seventeen years after a plane he designed flew around the world without refueling, aircraft designer Burt Rutan is building a new globe-circling craft.
Eastham is perhaps best known as the man who in 1963 flew the first flight of the YF-12A, a proposed fighter version of the Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.
A National Aeronautics and Space Administration F/A-18 jet experienced a 29 percent fuel savings June 27 when it flew in the vortex of a DC-8 research aircraft.
The WASPs flew more than 60 million miles during World War II, flying 78 different type of aircraft.
Others flew down to La Paz and took a three-hour van trip to San Carlos to meet the Shogun.
Aluminum Overcast is adorned with the colors of the 398th Bomb Group, which flew combat missions over Europe in World War II.