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27) In his original 1798 version of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner the " fleshless Pheere" whose bones were "jet-black and bare" could have been modelled on the Polynesian navigators Tupaia and Omai, as the poet had greater familiarity with Cook and Banks' journals than has been presumed or thus far documented in Coleridge scholarship.
Over and over again this strange figure let out a blood-chilling, mournful wail and she frequently extended fleshless arms and clapped her hands with a hard, ``bony'' sound.
Again, the supreme and colourless abstraction of those divine forms, which is the secret of their repose, is also a premonition of the fleshless, consumptive refinements of the pale medieval artists.
Think of Lichtenstein's boneless, fleshless housewives, Segal's mummified city dwellers, Wesselmann's faceless, airbrushed sex toys.
Great leader Rdo rje kun grags ma, fleshless white snow mountain Rdo rje kun tu bzang, glorious one of Lha ri, Kun gsal ma, queen of herders Rdo rje ye shes mchog, revered garuda of Kha rag, Rdo rje sgron ma, golden tone of the north Rdo rje 'od chags ma, chime of the south Rdo rje g.
Asparagus beans are stringy, fleshless beans even when small--produces great but aren't worth eating in my book.
Alex sprinted towards the cemetery gate as the fleshless, decomposed corpses stumbled bone-legged towards him, their soil-sodden mouths hungry; craving for human meat.
Among the cabins lay the fleshless bones and half-eaten bodies of the victims of the famine.
THINK Kevin Manning and think of a long, almost fleshless figure in a constant battle with the laws of nature to keep his weight in check to ride as stable jockey to Jim Bolger.
My cells are specialized in mind, therefore I am a fleshless mind.
Indeed, as the fleshless creation of art it is accorded a certain privilege.
On the other hand, one could not write nor talk fondly about institutions because they were fleshless, impersonal and devoid of humour.
At the musical helm, Riccardo Muti caused a shortlived moment of panic with a fleshless overture, but instantly warmed up at the first vocal sound.
His portrayal of the comic-opera coup of August 1991 that brought the fleshless Soviet skeleton crashing down into a pile of bones is nothing short of splendid.
This male idea of beauty therefore is at odds with the female perception of perfect beauty being fleshless.