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Flesh itself disappears in the figuring of material embodiment as a state in which we are all, ultimately, refined into perfect, fleshless whiteness.
First, there is the visual congruency of Hodges' painting, A View of Cape Stephens (New Zealand) in Cook's Straits with Waterspout and its "woman and fleshless Pheere.
In "A Rose for Emily," the full significance of the smell escaping from Emily Grierson's bedroom will only become evident years later, after her own death leads to the discovery of the fleshless lover still lying in Miss Emily's bed.
For an introduction to this issue, see, for instance, Gary Hatfield, "The Senses and the Fleshless Eye: The Meditations as Cognitive Exercise," and John P.
Some of his favorite ideas--for instance, that the human body with its senses is far superior to the fleshless spirit of the angels, or that the best afterlife is to become one with nature--are stated again and again and again and again.
The book begins, "I've heard from visitors, Firmus, that you had condemned fleshless food and reverted to consuming flesh.
In the 1560s John Hayward wrote of a fleshless child who yet had "a collar of fleshe and skinne, pleighted and foulded like a double ruffe .
Gragnolati concentrates on the persistence of individual identity, and on Dante's emphasis (unusual for the formal theology of his time) on "sociable" love in Heaven, on regaining the individual loves of one's life--affections that must, he says, be expressed through embraces, through the body: "the fleshless shades lack something that is tightly connected to the intimate sphere of one's desires and affections"; Dante "associates the lack of flesh with the difficulty of interacting with one's beloved in an affectionate way" (149).
Ironically, this results in a fleshless humanism, a dehumanized humanism.
The resonances of this feminine-maternal substratum of his personality and ability to practise the care for the dead were also discernible in the way he deliberated as to what to do with his wife's fleshless bones.
To the fleshless image of Bewick the engraver, Jenny gives us Bewick the mischievous schoolboy who would rather spend the day in the woods than attend class.
Such fleshless encounters are an intolerable substitution for this mother, who will be comforted neither by God's consolation nor by her child's safe harbor in heaven.
Gay life, too fleshless already, becomes even more disembodied.
As he approached the moaning spirits his fleshless feet became drenched by the blood and lard of torn human flesh.