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Once he turned a searching gaze upon the ape-man for a moment and then returned to the flesh of Bara.
This tribe of Indians, who are represented as a proud-spirited race, and uncommonly cleanly, never eat horses or dogs, nor would they permit the raw flesh of either to be brought into their huts.
At one place the natives had just returned from hunting, and had brought back a large quantity of elk and deer meat, but asked so high a price for it as to be beyond the funds of the travellers, so they had to content themselves with dog's flesh.
He had eaten heartily again--this time from the flesh of Bara, the deer, who had fallen prey to his quick noose.
The ape-man had acted so quickly that he had been unable to prepare himself to withstand the strain and shock of Numa's great weight upon the rope, and so it was that though the rope stopped the beast before his mighty talons could fasten themselves in the flesh of the black, the strain overbalanced Tarzan, who came tumbling to the ground not six paces from the infuriated animal.
A dozen paces he had gone when Tarzan's rope brought him to a stand once more--then he wheeled again upon the ape-man, only to feel the painful prick of a barbed arrow as it sank half its length in his quivering flesh.
You are the slave of a mass of stupid flesh and bone and blood.
This is because a 35-year-old Muslim cleric, Alfa Sulaiman Ahmed has opened up to the police on how he had been buying human flesh to prepare money-making charms for his clients and himself.
Nikki Haley that she was forced to eat the flesh of her baby that was thrown into the fire.
The study was designed to characterize ajwa flesh and pits and make their comparison with locally available date cultivars.
Jesus said to the crowds: "I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my Flesh for the life of the world.
Once when I was tree flesh came and worshiped at my roots.
A food joint in London created the human flesh burger to celebrate "The Walking Dead" Season 5.
He explores the phenomenology of Czech-born German philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) from such perspectives as self-givenness and incarnate givenness, flesh and body in perception, eidetic reduction and archi-facticity, flesh and the sphere of ownness, the incarnation of another body, pairing and resemblance, the dynamic of the apperceptive transfer, caress and impact, and flesh and time.
Plants store beta-carotene in chromoplasts, and beta-carotene bioavailability is affected by chromoplast structure in plant tissues, such as fruit flesh.