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a fleeting glance

A quick or hasty look. Come on, you only gave this dress a fleeting glance—you might like it if you tried it on.
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fleeting glance

Fig. a quick glance; a very brief look. I had a fleeting glance at the car as it sped by, but I couldn't read the license place number.
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According to Rheingold, the Manila protesters and the Palm Pilot-wielding demonstrators who disrupted the World Trade Organization's 1999 Seattle meeting were avatars of a new form of social organization: the "smart mob," an ad-hoc alliance formed fleetingly by people who may not know one another but share a common, immediate goal and can communicate instantaneously.
He and Yvonne cross paths fleetingly once or twice.
He thus left in place the original draconian law requiring the fingerprinting and checking of all teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, coaches, secretaries, custodians, even contractors like electricians and plumbers and staff development consultants who might come in contact with children, no matter how fleetingly.
I have touched too fleetingly on many complex issues and am all too aware that much criticism of the U.S.
This is a feel-good biography that hits the high points of the dancer's life, only touching fleetingly on his flaws and excusing them in the name of art and accomplishment.
Vanderwood probes the background of the Tomochic and Cabora movements, which is difficult given that most participants were common people who only appeared fleetingly in the documentary record.
He provides remarkable insights into animal behavior, bringing to vivid life the creatures we can still see fleetingly in our last wild places.
The teenagers, on the other hand, held up remarkably well, although at times we suspected that their appetites outstripped their devotions and fleetingly wondered if they preferred the bistros of Paris to plodding through rural France.
As the Royal party tried to maintain their traditional, stiff upper-lip, only Charles fleetingly glimpsed his son's look of love.
Interestingly, given that Vogel is openly gay, Li'l Bit's lesbianism is woven into How I Learned to Drive almost wordlessly, fleetingly referred to in one of Parker's sexier, more playful moments.
All this, though, moves fleetingly through my mind, as there's work yet to be done and pride to be felt.
Many other characters appear only fleetingly. The final effect is one of frustration and defeat.
Kristen Stewart is noticeably absent as Snow White, who appears fleetingly in flashback, but Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron reprise their rolas swaggering hero and scheminmegalomaniac, on a collision course with destiny.
It is not the titular Bach cantata, heard only fleetingly, but the thrumming of factory equipment that drives Quebecois helmer Denis Cote's austere contemplation of the bizarre symbiosis of humans and machines at work.
The opportunity to have a direct input into the fortunes of Wednesday having passed him by, Hobson was fleetingly involved on the board of Scunthorpe United recently, but guarantees made upon appointment weren't kept and that was it.