flee to

flee to (something)

To run to some place or thing as a means of escape. We fled to the shelter of the cave when the downpour started.
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flee to something

to escape to something or some place. We fled to our little place on the coast. They never found us. The little mouse fled to its hole in the wall when the cat came around.
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References in classic literature ?
Then they cried aloud in terror, saying that the ghosts were on them, and turned to flee to the north gate of the kraal.
Bashti, who had long waited the cruiser that was to avenge the destruction of the Arangi and the taking of the heads of the two white men, and who had long calculated the damage to be wrought, had given the command to his people to flee to the mountains.
Manager of Ramzan Sugar Mills and front man of Sharif family Mohammad Mushtaq Cheeni has been arrested at Lahore Airport in an attempt to flee to Dubai from Lahore.
The bloodshed forced him to flee to neighbouring Kenya, where he lived in a refugee camp and excelled in school sports.
Qatada, who was freed in June after a failed bid to deport him to Jordan on charges of terrorism, had been held at his West London home but is believed to have been planning to flee to Lebanon, despite not having a passport, the daily wrote.
However, in 1939, his parents arranged for him and his brother Walter to flee to Britain.
"I keep a careful eye on crime reports in the newspapers here in California, and there are several incidents of this kind every single week--crimes ranging from child abuse to murder that involve illegals who flee to Mexico.
Unable to cope with so much death and demand on the keeners and with her spouse condemned as a criminal, Margaret and Tom flee to Troy, New York, where many Irish have immigrated to start anew.
Gabe grows up in Hungary during the years of the Depression, World War 2 and the Russian occupation, but his dream is to flee to freedom.
However, fugitives who flee to Mexico while on bail or are free on recognizance, pending sentencing and awaiting appellate resolution, can be prosecuted under Article IV.
A man who punched a police officer and attempted to flee to avoid being questioned Friday on a Tokyo street was seriously injured after being shot in the back by the officer.
Ask students to describe how they would feel if they lost their families and were forced to flee to a new life in a radically different culture.
So shut your mouth." I couldn't stay at home and keep quiet, because I could see people were really suffering.' Friends urged him to flee to Britain, which was then selling arms to Iraq, and tell people what was happening to the Kurds.