flee from

flee from (someone or something)

To run away from or escape someone or something. The thieves fled from the security guard but were caught by officers arriving on the scene. Shrieking, we fled from the swarm of bees.
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flee from someone or something

to run away from someone or something. The robber fled from the scene of the crime. The children fled from the wrath of the old man.
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Generally, the majority of the fugitives who flee from U.S.
Eduardo Wilmer Poroso Flores, who is known by his tribal name Sure-yani, had to flee from Bolivia after campaigning for the rights of his Leco Aguachile tribe against ranchers and Western companies, which are seizing their lands.
A minor character, Yusra Tawfiq, provides yet another example of Karim's defeatism and his inclination to flee from confrontation.
* always ensure that suspects who flee from vehicles do not have accomplices in the car who may attack from behind;