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The fourth and final rule pertaining to fuite in Corneille's theater complicates matters considerably: both men and women may flee a confrontation without stigma when it involves a member of the opposite sex to whom one has a sentimental attachment.
Henry took her back with open arms and Flee has said she's thrilled they are back together.
He had gone to the island after a friend's wedding while Flee stayed in the UK.
Court president Faouzi Jbelli told the defendants they stood accused of trying "to flee the country on January 14 in possession of foreign currency and jewels," then listed the charges against each defendant.
Police were able to arrest him when he tried to flee the country after discovering his visa had expired.
Severe harassment--such as police surveillance, repeated interrogations, and sporadic detentions--drove another 19 journalists to flee worldwide.
Not only did young men flee the missions, but their women also.
It reveals how conflict causes people to flee homes, friends and family to seek sanctuary in other countries, such as Wales.
The first suspect then attempted to flee on foot as well.
Traditionally, law enforcement authorities seek to extradite Mexican national fugitives who flee the United States to evade justice and take refuge in Mexico.
A man who punched a police officer and attempted to flee to avoid being questioned Friday on a Tokyo street was seriously injured after being shot in the back by the officer.
But, in Uganda, there is no sanctuary--no place to flee to--no village, town, or city free of AIDS.
The audience wept and roared and stamped their feet, and I was frightened by the intensity of my own feelings, completely joyful and, most of all, flee.
We couldn't even think of building a house--if we heard a gunshot we had to flee.