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fleck (something) with (something)

To cause something to be spotted or speckled with something else. Gross, the kids flecked the bathroom mirror with toothpaste.
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flecked with (something)

Spotted or speckled with something. Gross, the bathroom mirror is flecked with toothpaste.
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fleck something with something

to put little specks of something on something. They flecked the little figures with some kind of powder that made them sparkle. His hair was flecked with gray.
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The project's instrumental title track is one Fleck wrote during his African pilgrimage.
A project like this holds plenty of opportunities for old-fashioned cultural imperialism, but Fleck mostly avoids them.
At the end of the film, Fleck leaves an American banjo with the young son of a Malian ngoni master, after showing the boy how to string and tune it.
Open, an upset so monumental that to this day the name Fleck invariably is invoked when any no- name threatens to overcome an established star in the final round of a major tournament.
Fleck was a PGA Tour rookie, only a few months removed from his regular job managing two municipal courses in Iowa.
Against odds, Jack Fleck played David to Hogan's Goliath, just as convincingly; and he's been talking about that, and little else, ever since.
Today, as owner-operator of the Lil' Bit A Heaven golf course near Mount Magazine in western Arkansas, Fleck's predominant feeling is pain.
Jack Fleck did about everything but think about golf or the life he had led on the PGA Tour.
Fleck, was chasing glory on the PGA tour for the first time, finally confident after a decade that his brother-in-law and hired hands could keep the flags flying true at the 36 holes he oversaw in Iowa.
Fleck wishes now he'd won two or three tournaments before he conquered the U.S.
Not that finding himself in the spotlight shocked Jack Fleck. Even against Ben Hogan.
What happened next starts a story that Fleck said he'd told only once before, last June on the Golf Channel.
"I was regripping my clubs and lacquering my persimmon woods real early one morning," Fleck said.
Forty-five years later, Fleck remembers every shot of his U.S.
If you'd like to sponsor Flecks, call 020 7837 0006.