fleck with

fleck (something) with (something)

To cause something to be spotted or speckled with something else. Gross, the kids flecked the bathroom mirror with toothpaste.
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fleck something with something

to put little specks of something on something. They flecked the little figures with some kind of powder that made them sparkle. His hair was flecked with gray.
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Yet, Hogan was the gracious loser, seeing something of himself in Fleck--not to mention providing Fleck with Hogan-brand irons.
But to lumber Fleck with anything more than that is unrealistic.
As the sun set on Lil' Bit A Heaven, casting long shadows in the clubhouse adorned with amazing memorabilia -- Fleck with Dwight Eisenhower, Fleck with Joe Dimaggio, Fleck striding down the fairway with Hogan, goose-bumpy stuff -- Jack Fleck laughed, likely for the first time in weeks.