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fleck (something) with (something)

To cause something to be spotted or speckled with something else. Gross, the kids flecked the bathroom mirror with toothpaste.
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flecked with (something)

Spotted or speckled with something. Gross, the bathroom mirror is flecked with toothpaste.
See also: fleck

fleck something with something

to put little specks of something on something. They flecked the little figures with some kind of powder that made them sparkle. His hair was flecked with gray.
See also: fleck
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But it seems safe to say Fleck is a strong contender.
She ordered that Fleck, 44, of Headlam Street, Byker, must muzzle the dog in public, always have him on a lead and never leave him unattended in a public place.
Instead, she ordered that Fleck must muzzle the dog in public, always have him on a lead and never leave him unattended in a public place.
The solicitor added: "What Mr Fleck has done is tie the dog up outside the shop after they have been for a walk and he needs to buy some things for him and Bentley.
Fleck has just turned 26, will play in front of 40,000 for United in the Sheffield derby tomorrow - and he's still being asked where it all went wrong.
While Boden and Fleck may not be household names, they do have respect in the Indie genre.
The list was compiled from votes by all 24 managers with midfielder John Fleck taking his place at number 15.
Working together allows us to be together for much more of the time," Fleck said in an email interview in late January, "and raise our 2 1/2 -year-old boy, Juno.
Fleck said at a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, formerly known as the New Clinical Drug Evaluation Unit meeting.
Debra Jo Chiapuzio saw a pet oxygen mask at a pet first aid presentation given by Fleck and didn't know they existed.
Ilana Lowy, de forma extremamente feliz, coloca o surgimento/continuidade do pensamento de Ludwik Fleck no "coletivo de pensamento" que proporcionou o desenvolvimento de suas ideias.
John Fleck has urged his Coventry City boss Steven Pressley to team him up again with his one-time Rangers idol Kris Boyd.
WORCESTER -- Bela Fleck pulled into Mechanics Hall Wednesday evening with a banjo on his knee and the string quartet Brooklyn Rider in tow.
David Fleck, head of Canadian investment bank at Macquarie Group (OTC: MQG) (OTC PINK: MQBKY) has left the position with the bank, The Wall Street Journal has reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
Both Tommy Bolt and Jack Fleck found Arkansas to be what I've always felt was an apt description of The Natural State: It's a golf course waiting to be built.