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Flavor companies also could help retailers identify categories and products that are ripe for flavor innovation.
Tasters liked both flavors -- with a slight edge to the salt and pepper -- and found them satisfying to eat plain or dipped in artichoke, ranch or other dips or with hummus or cheese spreads.
Knudsen fruit spritzer drinks contain only sparkling water and natural flavors and juices.
Then, toss in green peas or snow peas, minced ginger and garlic, and shaved carrots for flavor and color.
Some of the yeast's metabolic by-products add flavor as well.
Bound glutamate is a major source of umami flavors, and the amount of glutamatc often is similar to the savory flavor impact of those foods.
Every week throughout the growing season you can find produce, fruit, prepared foods, meat, eggs, cheeses, and artisan crafts that are Appalachian in character and flavor.
Lemon balm's subtle lemon flavor can be very soothing, lending itself naturally to relaxation teas.
See, many of the flavor-enhancers used by soda makers are citrus oils, explains flavor chemist Pollock.
If you insist on buying a pre-flavored popcorn, Orville Redenbacher's butter flavor and Deli Express are the "best.
Retailers are staying abreast of current and emerging flavor trends - and partnering with flavor companies to create high-quality, store brand items - to have an advantage over their competitors.
A variety of flavoring methods and delivery systems are used by the tea manufacturer to incorporate flavor onto tea.
Roasted Vegetable Ritz Crackers is the newest flavor to join the Ritz Cracker lineup.