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05mm steeper than the flattest K to minimise flexure and achieve good acuity with a spherical lens --as a guide, fit steeper than flattest K by a third of the difference between the two working K readings.
Positioning is important - try to follow the strata of the rock and leave the flattest stone faces outwards.
This compares to the east Midlands where sales trends have appeared flattest.
Naturally, the Jordanians are denying all of these allegations in the flattest way possible.
The flattest of flat surfaces did not help matters.
ENGLAND'S bowlers endured a tough day on the flattest of batting wickets, but can at least be cheered by Steven Finn's continued recovery from injury.
Hurlin "It was made worse by the fact that it was the flattest track we've played on at Smithy Lane all season," added the skipper.
One minute you have the flattest of stomachs, the next you look in the mirror and someone else's shape stands before you, with a definite ring of flab where you used to boast a waist, plus there are silver stretch marks on your sides.
Where is the flattest, safest and most predictable place I can land the ball on the green and get it to stop in or next to the hole?
His ambition to extend his range with more scripted material here is even landable, but it's precisely this element that falls flattest and undermines the pie's commercial potential.
It's one of the sturdiest, slimmest, flattest, most inherently accurate and concealable pistols ever made.
But not even Zimbabwe would be bowled out twice on what is the flattest of batting tracks.
THE JOKE about Canada's flattest province used to go something like this: Will the last person leaving Saskatchewan please turn out the lights.
Despite being set in one of the country's flattest areas, the MoD said it replicated "as closely as possible" the scenestroops would face on the frontline.
This insures that whether controlled manually or via Automatic Profile Control, the resultant film profile is the flattest possible.