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He suggested Flat Frog Trail (named not in memory of amphibious roadkill but for the flattest route to modest Frog Lake) and the Springs Trail--Forest Trail loop.
The graft, which measured approximately 9 X 2 cm, was harvested in the anteroposterior direction along the flattest portion of the parietal bone (figure 3).
The company also won an engineering Golden Trowel Award for pouring the flattest concrete floor possible for MCTV in Sudbury in 1993.
By starting at one of the flattest parts of the proposed canal route, they made quick progress.
Beneath it, three storeys of communal rooms and three of small apartments for guests are arranged across the flattest part of the site so that every room has a view of the sea.
Ski-orienteers like Marty Hawkes-Teeter can pick the flattest or most hilly route because they use topographic (top-uh-GRAF-ik) maps marked with lines that show the hills, valleys, and other features of the land.
Indeed, the SR-80s were the flattest pair of phones that I measured.
Screw-speed changes alone produced pronounced changes in the melt-temperature profiles of an LLDPE, with the flattest profile coming from relatively high rpm (Fig.
The Engraving Table has also been reinforced for the flattest, most even engraving surface on every job.
The US captain did not just deliver one of the dullest, flattest opening speeches in Ryder Cup history yesterday.
The Grade 2 race would be the first time this season the unbeaten mare has raced over the minimum trip after wins over two and a half miles and farther, and on a track among Britain's flattest and quickest.
Waugh further said that Pietersen's two big scores in Australia came in first innings at Adelaide, which is the flattest Test pitch in the country, adding that when the star batsman is out of touch, he is very ordinary.
0mm flatter than the average r, whereas an RGP le ns would be fitted on the flattest K, or on toric corneas, 0.
Even as the stump went for a cart- wheel, a cheer from the sparse crowd once again showed why Awana is considered the man who can bowl on the flattest of pitches.
ENGLAND'S bowlers endured a tough day on the flattest of batting wickets but can at least be cheered by Steven Finn's continued recovery from injury.