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flatter (oneself)

To hold a vain, self-congratulatory, and exaggeratedly high opinion of oneself and/or one's achievements. Yeah, don't flatter yourself—she only asked you out to dinner because she wants to ask you about your brother. Gaston likes to flatter himself that he's the best man in town, but everyone knows he's just a pompous jerk.
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flatter one's figure

Fig. [for clothing] to make one look thin or to make one's figure look better than it is. The lines of this dress really flatter your figure. The trousers had a full cut that flattered Maria's figure.
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flatter oneself

Be gratified vainly by one's own achievement; exaggerate one's good points. For example, He flattered himself that his presentation at the sales conference was a success, or She flattered herself that she was by far the best skater at the rink. This usage is often put negatively, as in Don't flatter yourself-we haven't won the contract yet. [Late 1500s]
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flatter to deceive

encourage on insufficient grounds and cause disappointment.
1913 Field Two furlongs from home Maiden Erlegh looked most dangerous, but he flattered only to deceive.
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The measurements are then cross referenced with jean's measurements of popular brands, models and sizes and the app recommends pairs that will fit and flatter your figure best.
Finds brands, models and sizes that will fit and flatter their figure best
FLATTER YOUR FIGURE With a rainbow palette to choose from, this is all about finding the cut to flaunt your hue to the max.
FLATTER YOUR FIGURE Be wary of thick bulky fabrics if you''re aiming for a clean silhouette - but remember blanket coats can smooth over problem areas.
But three goals in the space of 15 minutes from Goldsborough proved to be the turning point with Andy Dent turning and firing in on the half-hour before Karl Flatters scored twice at the end of the half.
TINY FLORAL A V-neck flatters your bust while the A-line skims hips.
Higher leg lines flatter the hips, and bodice details pull the eye upward.
Top seed is twice-winner of the Harry Flatters, Carmarthen's Melvyn Evans in a Subaru WRC.
offering women clothing that flatters their shape, fits their measurements, and reflects their personal style.
Our plus-size collection offers a beautiful assortment of classic linen pieces, easy-to-wear dresses and tops and bottoms that flatter," said Kelli Lovejoy-Dailey, special sizes divisional merchandise manager at Lands' End.
Little Black Dresses from Top Designers that Fit and Flatter,
With a myShape Personal Shop, each member has apparel selection, styles, and sizes that MATCHES her profile; fits her measurements; flatters her body shape and reflects her personal fashion choices.
myShape Changes the Way Women Shop Online, Giving Women their Own Personal Shop, Where Everything Fits and Flatters
In addition, the majority of women (50 percent) feel that finding a style that flatters her body type is the single most important factor in selecting a swimsuit, while very few (a mere three percent) care if the swimwear choice is something "he" likes.
They fawn, flatter, falsify--whatever will help them survive and pass on their genes.