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flatter (oneself)

To hold a vain, self-congratulatory, and exaggeratedly high opinion of oneself and/or one's achievements. Yeah, don't flatter yourself—she only asked you out to dinner because she wants to ask you about your brother. Gaston likes to flatter himself that he's the best man in town, but everyone knows he's just a pompous jerk.
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flatter to deceive

To seem better or more promising than someone or something really is. A: "I can't believe that team didn't make the playoffs after starting the season so well." B: "I guess they just flattered to deceive."
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flatter one's figure

Fig. [for clothing] to make one look thin or to make one's figure look better than it is. The lines of this dress really flatter your figure. The trousers had a full cut that flattered Maria's figure.
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flatter oneself

Be gratified vainly by one's own achievement; exaggerate one's good points. For example, He flattered himself that his presentation at the sales conference was a success, or She flattered herself that she was by far the best skater at the rink. This usage is often put negatively, as in Don't flatter yourself-we haven't won the contract yet. [Late 1500s]
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flatter to deceive

encourage on insufficient grounds and cause disappointment.
1913 Field Two furlongs from home Maiden Erlegh looked most dangerous, but he flattered only to deceive.
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Having a flattering mirror is damaging and yes, heartbreaking'
2 : to gain or get by coaxing or flattering <He's trying to wheedle money out of them.
The fuller skirt skims the tummy and the wider straps are flattering.
High, wide necklines and interesting back details are flattering and emphasize your elegant line.
If you've ever wondered why photographs of the President turn out so much better than the ones in your family scrapbook, it may be because the Bush White House--like its predecessors--works overtime to guarantee the most flattering images possible.
It should be expected that slickly packaged, flattering lies would resonate most effectively among the "cutting edge" component of the "most marketed-to" generation.
In ancient Egypt, by Stengel's account, flattering the Pharaoh was the organizing principle of government.
Owen signed a new contract earlier this season that will keep him at Anfield until he is 24, and said: "Obviously it is flattering to be linked with a club like Lazio but I'm still very happy at Liverpool.
We consciously focus in on the trends we know will have a broad appeal, and then we offer the most flattering silhouettes and outfits for each of the seven 'myShape' body shapes.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 14 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rupa Ganguly, while commenting on the ongoing violence in West Bengal, on Friday dared those flattering Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the Congress to send their wives and daughters to Bengal to live for 15 days and survive without getting raped.
Ripped skinnies "The distressing on these jeans is cleverly done so they're more flattering than most.
Floral prints loral prints magically hide lumps and magically hide lumps and bumps, so this bumps, so this is a surprisingly is a surprisingly flattering trend.
By updating designs and using power stretch fabrics the range incorporates style while providing a flattering fit whatever your shape or size.
Playing with proportions can have a surprisingly flattering effect too - a peplum top with its large exaggerated frill exaggerates the hips, making your waist looks smaller.