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But if you're not keen to show off your arms or your midriff, we've got some clever styling tips and tricks to hide a multitude of sins and help flatter your figure.
Crossing your arms does little to flatter your figure, and tilting your head without lowering your shoulders looks unnatural.
If you've a bigger bust, open the top buttons to flatter your figure.
"We focused on creating a collection with great choice for everyone, these items are made to flatter your figure and have been especially popular with the transgender community."
Yes, we're offering our winners the chance of an all-expenses paid trip to London next month where you will spend the day at a top photographic studio with a team of hair and makeup experts before Mark gives you a one-on-one style consultation with this season's can-wear trends and tips to flatter your figure.
If a slimmer skirt would flatter your figure then have it tapered, or if those pockets add inches to your hips then have them removed.
FLATTER your figure with this khaki peplum mac, PS65, Miss Selfridge, right.
* Russian doll swing apron, pounds 16.99, Tailored to flatter your figure with lovely thick ties that make a fabulous bow at the base of your back.
This trusty staple has the ability to update an entire seasonal wardrobe and flatter your figure.
FLATTER YOUR FIGURE You don''t have to do this season''s clingy body-con to look cool.
The trousers don't have much shape either so, if you buy clothes to flatter your figure, choose something else.
Whether you're laced, hooked or zipped into it, the corset is the ultimate way to flatter your figure, both in and out of the bedroom.
First, take the body shape quiz to learn what cuts flatter your figure. Then use DF's Fashion Find to get tips on revamping your old outfits and scoring big fashion bargains.