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flatten someone or something out

to make someone or something flat. If you fall under the steamroller, it will flatten you out. Flatten out that dough a little more. Please flatten it out.
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flatten out

1. To become completely flat: The graph indicated that sales were strong in July but that they flattened out in August.
2. To make something completely flat: I flattened out the crumpled paper and wrote on it. The iron flattened the wrinkly fabric out.
3. To knock someone to the ground: The boxer flattened out his opponent. The bicyclist flattened the pedestrian out.
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tv. to knock someone down with a blow. Shorty flattened the kid with a jab to the nose.
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Coupled with an optional field flattener, it doubles as a powerful, wide-field imaging scope.
Our test telescope on loan from the manufacturer came with an optional ($150) field flattener that retains the telescope's f/7 focal ratio and 714-mm focal length.
Pre Qualification: Global Invitation For Expression Of Interest For Supply Horizontal Off-Line Strip Flattening And Milling Machine For Removing The Surface Imperfections/Impuritiesof Continuous Cast Coils, Consists Of 1)De-Coiler & Flattener 2) Under/Over Cutting Milling M/C 3) Entry, Intermediate & Exit Tables 4) Swarf Extraction System.
A former warden for Sefton Council Jean now works as a volunteer will flattener, a job based at The Document's Office in Preston where interesting information from old wills and documents are archived to help people trace their family history.
This allowed me to use a low-profile, off-axis guider while still maintaining the optimum distance between the sensor and the field flattener and coma correctors used when recording many of my deepsky test exposures.
We persuaded Jackie, 40, into a Playtex Super Look Secrets tummy flattener, from Frasers, and a pair of M&S Tummy Toners Tights, and watched those mince pies disappear.
72-130-3FT-48 focal reducer/field flattener with either 42- or 48-mm threads to attach your camera.
New features, such as the Separations Preview and Flattener Preview palettes enable users to check output on-screen, avoiding costly errors before they appear on film or press.
Currently no field flattener is available for the AT14RCT.
l Useless ll Straight in the bin lll Worth a smooth llll Getting sleeker lllll Fab flattener
Its 2/4-inch dual-speed, rack-and-pinion focuser includes both 2- and 1 1/4-inch eyepiece adapters, and accepts the optional SFFR-70APO focal reducer/field flattener ($295), converting the instrument into an f/4.
Significant enhancements were also made to the netlist flattener to improve both capacity, or memory usage, and initial design loading and design rule checking (DRC) performance.
Doing so requires removing the flat optical window in front of the field flattener and replacing it with Celestron's 72-mm light pollution rejection filter ($499) made for the Rowe-Ackermann.
It has dedicated controls for easier direct lamination control, a Reject Card Hopper that separates miscoded and misprinted cards, and a Card Lamination Flattener to reduce card bowing.