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flatten someone or something out

to make someone or something flat. If you fall under the steamroller, it will flatten you out. Flatten out that dough a little more. Please flatten it out.
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flatten out

1. To become completely flat: The graph indicated that sales were strong in July but that they flattened out in August.
2. To make something completely flat: I flattened out the crumpled paper and wrote on it. The iron flattened the wrinkly fabric out.
3. To knock someone to the ground: The boxer flattened out his opponent. The bicyclist flattened the pedestrian out.
See also: flatten, out


tv. to knock someone down with a blow. Shorty flattened the kid with a jab to the nose.
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By filling the Mesa community in on one of the town's most sensational secrets, Flatten created a text that was incredibly informative and, more significantly, of great social value.
Flatten your back against the floor by tightening your abdomen and bending your pelvis up.
That time lag of about two hours was when they were trying to locate someone with the authority to tell them they could go ahead and take water out of the Chewuch River," said Flatten.
I like that flatten bust have of "I usually go for bikinis with underwired cups and a bit of padding.
The firm control panels help to flatten your tummy and smooth the hips and bottom for all-over shaping.
At Bidston], if you flatten a tin can, it doesn't know the difference between a flat tin can and a piece of cardboard.
Flatten those abs and show off your newfound six-pack with these 10 quick tips:
Given this interpretation, future short-term rates may be expected to decline, which tends to reduce current long-term rates and flatten the yield curve.
Now push down on the blade with your right hand to flatten the oval, continuing to flatten it as you turn the blade to the left.
Each decurl station can be outfitted with various diameter breaker rolls that can flatten the web without damaging the surface of the material.
Angry residents on Tyneside are calling for bulldozers to be brought in to flatten a run-down part of their town.
Slower Unit Growth and ASP Pressures Will Flatten GaAs Revenues
50, M&S Lingerie The shaping panels flatten and sculpt the waist while smoothing hips and thighs.
Elt says: "The whole purpose of the VMAs - when you get all these artists competing against each other for attention - is to flatten the opposition.
Apply the adhesive (Photo 4), then flatten the seam with a roller.