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Eriksson has also flatly denied that he has been approached by the FA but appears to be warming to the prospect of becoming England's new coach.
The Prime Minister's official spokesman again flatly denied that there was any impropriety over Mr Blair's backing for Mr Mittal's bid to buy the nationalised Romanian steel company, Sidex.
His comments flatly contradict his own party's policies.
This opinion flatly contradicts the teaching of the Church, as well as begging many questions.
As the largest collection of his work assembled by an art institution to date, the show had an unexpected graciousness, but the sculptures still conjured a host of enigmatic associations, with implied narratives and formal tensions embedded in their flatly painted veneers.
He flatly rejected the portrayal of the party by shadow chief treasury secretary John Bercow in a letter to his Buckingham constituency association in which he warned they had to "change their ways" if they were to stand any chance of regaining power.
Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy flatly rejected Tuesday's Assembly vote that it should decide.
"The Dying Gaul will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be made," the producer flatly assures Robert.
Flatly rendered arcs of pale yellow, green, and blue, deliberately parodying Kenneth Noland's targets, rise behind the tree like a rainbow.
Jacyln flatly refused, saying: "My life has moved on."
In her first, a looped film flatly titled 16mm, 1993, an isolated female figure dances to a resounding percussive beat.
WEST HAM manager Harry Redknapp yesterday flatly rejected charges that the club is racist.
The almost Flemish illusionism and chiaroscuro of his head contrast with the flatly rendered lines of his red-and-blue V-necked shirt and the mustard yellow backgtound.
HARRY REDKNAPP yesterday flatly refuted the accusation that his Hammers are a racist club and branded Israeli Eyal Berkovic as unsociable.
While Gober fills the second room at Marks with Shaver's 1975-77 photos, flatly depicting found children's clothing, primarily T-shirts emblazoned with labels and slogans like "Stinker," photos that are both conceptually witty and visually engaging, the work on view in Shaver's semi-retrospective at Curt Marcus is uneven.