flash at

flash (something) at (someone or something)

1. To illuminate someone or something with a light. I can't see anything down here—flash a light at these boxes. will you? Maybe they're labeled.
2. To show or reveal something, often in a quick gesture. The witness refused to talk until I flashed my police badge at her. Dad, he flashed a search warrant at us—we had to let him in.
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flash something at someone or something

1. Lit. to shine a light quickly on someone or something. Larry flashed a light at Frank to verify his identity. We flashed the light at each doorway, looking for the address we had been sent to.
2. Fig. to show something, such as a badge, to someone or a group quickly. The cop flashed his badge at the suspect. The security officer came in and flashed his badge at the board of directors.
See also: flash
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Thus flash at least doubles the time required to fully cool the molding.
Everyone who molds rubber parts feels that the ideal flash configuration is no flash at all.