flash at

flash something at someone or something

1. Lit. to shine a light quickly on someone or something. Larry flashed a light at Frank to verify his identity. We flashed the light at each doorway, looking for the address we had been sent to.
2. Fig. to show something, such as a badge, to someone or a group quickly. The cop flashed his badge at the suspect. The security officer came in and flashed his badge at the board of directors.
See also: flash
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Thus flash at least doubles the time required to fully cool the molding.
Everyone who molds rubber parts feels that the ideal flash configuration is no flash at all.
The first generation of camera phones have 'fun' flashes that light up when you take a picture but deliver virtually the same results as taking a photo with no flash at all because their beam is so weak," said Julian Carey, Lumileds Business Development Manager.