flash around

flash something around

to display something so everyone can see it. (Usually something one would hold in one's hand.) Don't flash your money around on the streets. She flashed around the pictures of her grandchildren every chance she got.
See also: around, flash
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My daughter is not an object to flash around or a prized item to put on display.
That such a minor event can flash around the world is remarkable.
While 16 vertical strip lights boom and flash around you, the bass throbs in your guts and the synth squelches, squeaks, bleeps and howls, reminiscent of the climax to Raiders Of The Lost Arc where banshees fly out of the golden ottoman and melt Nazi faces; it's glorious, transcendent dance music that can't fail to move you.
They met in the pub and he gave her a stack of pounds 50 notes in an envelope which she proceeded to flash around.
They have valuable items like mobile phones which they flash around and they fall victim to crime.
We all did it last season andwe can do it again - even if we don't have Premiership money to flash around.
So no suit or any other purchases from Selfridges; no Selfridges label to flash around back home.
The blades occasionally cocked and jammed; flash around the blades scored the mold; and the wedge drivers showed extreme wear after only a few shifts.
These include repeated allusions to that well-known French intellectual "Marshall Proust" and a reference to the 1996 Nobel laureate making a "poetic flash around the globe.
The beach itself is an absolute joy - a vast expanse of sand sloping gently into the sparkling Mediterranean with shoals of silver-sided fish that flash around as you paddle in the warm shallows.
n Do not flash around hand held electrical items such as ipods and hand held gaming machines, which could be very attractive to a potential thief.
A full 48 hours after our exclusive interview with Sparky, in which he revealed he has no plans to quit his post for the Blackburn Rovers job, our quotes began to flash around the media world.
And we'll give you pounds 1,000 in cash to flash around town.