flash across

flash across (something)

1. To move or appear quickly across something. When my headlights flashed across a deer in the middle of the road, I brought the car to a screeching halt. Fear flashed across Jason's face as he tumbled out of the tree.
2. To quickly enter one's mind. An image of my keys on the dining room table suddenly flashed across my mind, and I remembered where I'd left them.
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flash across something

1. Lit. [for something bright] to move quickly across something. The telephone number flashed across the television screen too fast for me to copy it down. The spotlight flashed across the audience, blinding me as it went by.
2. Fig. [for an idea or image] to move quickly through one's mind. A solution to the problem suddenly flashed across my mind. Thoughts of food flashed across my mind, and I began to be very hungry.
See also: across, flash
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The installation, the work of artist Naziha Mestaoui, included the chance to buy a tree for a 10-Euro donation: an image of your tree would flash across the Eiffel Tower, you would be notified and later a tree in your name would be planted in the developing world.
The musician will capture the mood as the silent movie's images flash across the silver screen.
The television advertisement features a homeless man walking through the streets, pulling an old shopping bag behind him, while images from his past flash across the screen.
And while the 41-year-old doesn't mention Jackson by name, images of the late singer flash across the screen throughout the clip.
PEOPLE across South Wales yesterday described watching a green-tinged meteor flash across the evening sky.
Waide Fairhurst then twice went close for the Silkmen at the start of the second half, first of all testing Smith from long distance before seeing a fierce low shot flash across the face of goal just moments later.
In Inner Appearances (which [Yvonne Rainer] choreographed and danced), cards flash across a screen to tell of the 'wild commotion of shame, grief, and joy' that is rushing about inside the head of the woman who moves slowly, carefully through her chore .
They wired up 160 volunteers and discovered naughty thoughts only flash across the mind of a typical bloke 19 times a day.
Ads flash across monitors during business on a preset time and for a preset duration.
At the film's conclusion, when your view of the food system hovers at rock bottom, words of hope flash across the screen: you can vote to change this system three times a day.
His fingers flash across the keys with great dexterity, either attacking or contemplating, shattering or sensitive, occasionally adding little sampled oddments.
When I saw the Iulium star flash across the dawn, Still to choose, I hoped that hope might be reborn.
Why go to such lengths for a background joke that would flash across the screen in a matter of seconds?
To do so is, of course, Ben Hitchcott's prerogative, and I wish him well - but I bet it's not a thought that will ever flash across AP's mind
The universities love it, the brownie-points flash across the screen and another professorship is squandered.