flap (one's) gums

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flap (one's) gums

To chatter or blather. Quit flapping your gums—I need some quiet so I can think! Whenever Charlie starts to flap his gums, I can't get in a word!
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flap one's gums

 and flap one's jaws
Rur. to talk aimlessly. They're still out on the porch, flapping their gums. Well, I can't sit here flapping my jaws all day. Gotta get back to work.
See also: flap, gum
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flap your gums

If someone flaps their gums, they talk a lot without saying anything important. Who wants to hear you flapping your gums first thing in the morning?
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He said: "I get a bit narked with commentators who are ex-cops or retired cops flapping their gums about what they think is wrong.
But I cannot understand how this has happened with no public debate in Wales, while so many full-time politicians are flapping their gums over relatively minor changes in other areas."
Yet if they're truly committed to helping parents navigate a confounding TV dial--as opposed to just flapping their gums with grasping-for-moral-high-ground rhetoric--there is a potential solution, one that could assist parents without reducing television to pabulum for the vast majority of adults who don't live with someone under the age of 16.