flap (one's) gums

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flap (one's) gums

To chatter or blather. Quit flapping your gums—I need some quiet so I can think! Whenever Charlie starts to flap his gums, I can't get in a word!
See also: flap, gum

flap one's gums

 and flap one's jaws
Rur. to talk aimlessly. They're still out on the porch, flapping their gums. Well, I can't sit here flapping my jaws all day. Gotta get back to work.
See also: flap, gum

flap your gums

If someone flaps their gums, they talk a lot without saying anything important. Who wants to hear you flapping your gums first thing in the morning?
See also: flap, gum
References in periodicals archive ?
ECB's Draghi flapping his gums now, detailing his laundry list of concerns.
she's mightily put out that alfie has said shenice can stay with them and if alfie would just stop flapping his gums for a second, she'd tell him why.
After Mayorga finished flapping his gums, Mosley stepped up to the plate.
26) is just flapping his gums with criticism of a potential Los Angeles Unified School District breakup.