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flank (up)on (someone or something)

To be positioned next to someone or something. Two guards flanked on each side of the entrance.
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flank (up)on someone or something

to be at the side of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Victorian mansion flanked on the tall, modern apartment building. It flanked on a broad expanse of fir trees.
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Improved tumour growth inhibition in the contralateral flank suggested that the combination of MTL-CEBPA and anti-PD1 checkpoint inhibition increased the effectiveness of the abscopal effects of radiofrequency ablation.
For Minerva, most of their openings were being created by Querro from the left flank. The diminutive Spaniard finding goal-scorer Roland again in the 40th minute with a wonderful cross, but the Ukranian could not make most of a free-header this time.
In the third flank, other units of the army clashed with ISIL in a region between al-Qasr and Khirbet al-Ambashi and purged Rasoum Bu Layeh, Rasm al-Samahiyeh and Sir Abu Sarwal of terrorists.
"Although participant-reported improvement in the appearance of their flanks was significant for both treatments [P less than .0001], patients couldn't appreciate a difference between the side that was treated with HIFU and the side that was treated with cryolipolysis," Dr.
15 the modification values of all flanks are divided by 5.
Unified thread form--thread flank angle 60 degrees.
Cutting in from the right It's highly unlikely Stewart Downing will be used on the right flank next season, but he'd still be a real danger cutting in on to his favoured left foot.
SISTERS - Ping-pong balls made a strategic appearance at the Rooster Rock Fire this week when a helicopter dropped the fuel-filled balls on a large island of unburned timber on the fire's west flank.
If you stop that service from the flanks, you are halfway to thwarting Newcastle.
By consequence, the flanks of this kind of worm can not be generated simultaneously with a generating cutting tool having rectilinear generating cutting edges.
With Tom Soares and Michael Hughes currently on the flanks, Palace have four central midfielders which tends to leave them unbalanced at times and that's where Cardiff could hurt them.'
Sydney's Bondi Beach is, rightly, one of the world's more famous crescents of sand, but its natural beauty is not matched by the architecture fronting it and sprawling over its cliff-top flanks. No single carbuncle but a plague of minor boils; a rash of postwar brick and clay-tile houses that owe everything to the worst of English suburbia and nothing to the might of the South Pacific Ocean.
If you need to hone the tooth flanks on hardened gears, you might want to check out the new Gleason-Hurth ZH 200 gear honing machine from Gleason Corp.
Decreasing depth mantains a more consistent force on the cutting edge by keeping the effective chip area balanced, as a greater length of the insert flanks are engaged deeper into the thread profile.
The militia counterattacked through the gap between the knolls, and riflemen hemmed in the British force from the flanks. Trying to bolster the wavering British line, Tarleton led a charge of his cavalry to the line.