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flank (up)on (someone or something)

To be positioned next to someone or something. Two guards flanked on each side of the entrance.
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flank (up)on someone or something

to be at the side of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Victorian mansion flanked on the tall, modern apartment building. It flanked on a broad expanse of fir trees.
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John the Evangelist, flanked by the donor and his wife.
Leighton's canvas depicts a more appropriately deferential society: a Cimabue Madonna being carried through the streets of 13th-century Florence, flanked by a procession of artists, musicians, writers, priests, and politicians.
But she cautions that the team cannot tell how often the phenomenon occurs in normal neurons, because they studied a foreign marker gene flanked by splicing sequences used by white blood cells.
Its big volume is flanked on both sides by pierced opaque walls, but it is surprisingly luminous -- one of the criticisms of Holscher and Tye's original design was that it was too impervious to the external elements.
Garda outriders flanked the hearse at it made its way through the Meath streets, while locals lined the streets to bid farewell.
It comprises a central building flanked on both sides by curved terminals which connect with road and rail transport interchanges.
The teeth of the combs are the side corridors, flanked by offices.
Flanked by the courtyard, the main living space is a long bar with a covered porch at its far end overlooking the swimming pool.
Its square, the Plaza de Espana, was flanked to the south by a field which fell away by about 2m.