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flank (up)on someone or something

to be at the side of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Victorian mansion flanked on the tall, modern apartment building. It flanked on a broad expanse of fir trees.
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Good hunting, all you of my blood," he added, lying own at full length, one flank thrust out of the shallows; and then, between his teeth, "But for that which is the Law it would be VERY good hunting.
So he ran all the night till he came to the cave; but the trees and the creepers on his path, remembering the order that Tha had given, let down their branches and marked him as he ran, drawing their fingers across his back, his flank, his forehead, and his jowl.
Then the First of the Tigers answered, 'I am content'; but when next he drank he saw the black stripes upon his flank and his side, and he remembered the name that the Hairless One had given him, and he was angry.
It was a pointed stick, such as they put in the foot of a pit-trap," said Hathi, "and throwing it, he struck the First of the Tigers deep in the flank.
There is a patience of the wild--dogged, tireless, persistent as life itself--that holds motionless for endless hours the spider in its web, the snake in its coils, the panther in its ambuscade; this patience belongs peculiarly to life when it hunts its living food; and it belonged to Buck as he clung to the flank of the herd, retarding its march, irritating the young bulls, worrying the cows with their half-grown calves, and driving the wounded bull mad with helpless rage.
Hunting their living meat, as the Yeehats were hunting it, on the flanks of the migrating moose, the wolf pack had at last crossed over from the land of streams and timber and invaded Buck's valley.
The flanks of the dark, moving mass, were advanced in such a manner as to make a concave line of the front, and every fierce eye, that was glaring from the shaggy wilderness of hair in which the entire heads of the males were enveloped, was riveted with mad anxiety on the thicket.
He was not going very fast, but on his flanks specks of foam began to appear and at times he would tremble like a leaf.
Before that day was done, I had taught him to lead and to stand while I stroked his head and flanks, and to eat from my hand, and had the satisfaction of seeing the light of fear die in his large, intelligent eyes.
The lady-god pressed his two flanks together reassuringly, and he turned to her, his cool nose touched questioningly to her cheek.
You only have to look back to the game at Wembley to see how ineffective the former Peter-borough man can be when he's farmed out on to the flank.
0-1, Murray, 48mins: Left free at the far post to nod home Bolasie's deflected cross from the right flank 0-2, Bolasie, 51mins: Murray headed a long ball down into Bolasie's path, he breezed past Vergini and stabbed the ball under Pantilimon 0-3, Bolasie, 53mins: Jedinak's long ball was misread by O'Shea and Bolasie easily got the better of him before lifting his shot over the advancing goalkeeper 0-4, Bolasie, 62mins: Murray outmuscled O'Shea on the right flank, squared for Bolasie and he squeezed a shot just inside the righthand post 1-4, Wickham, 89mins: Finished first-time from eight yards after van Aanholt had picked him out with a low cross from the left
bus passenger shelter at 8th km on kazi nazrul islam avenue (at jessore road crossing 1st at airport flank, 2nd at kolkata flank, 3rd at middle verge of busbay, 4th at kolkata flank near airport crossing)
One flank of the pincer is the war we now fight - the "hot" war.
The Englishman showed plenty of pace charging up and down the flank and proved against Sparta he has an eye for a pass as well.