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flank (up)on (someone or something)

To be positioned next to someone or something. Two guards flanked on each side of the entrance.
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flank (up)on someone or something

to be at the side of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Victorian mansion flanked on the tall, modern apartment building. It flanked on a broad expanse of fir trees.
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The South Flank project, which will leverage and expand the existing Mining Area C hub, is BHP's preferred option to replace production from the 80-million-metric-ton-per-year (mt/y) (100% basis) Yandi mine when it reaches the end of its economic life in the early-to-mid-2020s.
Primarily it is necessary to describe the theoretical gear flank shape.
She complained of painless left flank bulging, which was seen on physical examination.
Reg Nelson, Managing Director of Beach, said: "The oil exploration success Beach is having on the Western Flank of the Cooper Basin is being driven by recently acquired 3D seismic data.
Jake Petitjean was running the midfield, winning tackles and spraying balls out to the flanks.
Since the pressure in the flank is slightly higher than in the main reservoir, modifications will be needed on the platform.
Statoil (NYSE:STO), a Norway-based energy company, has announced that the partners in the Njord licence in the Norwegian Sea are planning to develop the north-west flank of Njord.
The western flank of the wildfire north of Los Angeles was under control on Saturday, as it burned eastwards towards a large wilderness area.
Timothy Crowley, managing director of Flank, said he wasn't aware of the theft.
Choudhury and Batarya [6] used experimental design and neural networks to determine the flank wear progress in milling operations.
1]) that belongs to the surface of the worm flank has the equation
Jermaine Pennant was a constant menace on the right flank while Lucas and Daniel Agger produced assured performances to give the Spaniard a selection poser for the game against Everton.
Manhattan-based developer FLAnk has announced its newest luxury residential building, 441 East 57th Street, a 15-story condominium edged in anodized metal in flitted glass, in the heart of Sutton Place.
What it is: Even and fairly uniform wear down the side flank of the tool under the main cutting edge.