flake off

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flake off

1. To fall from something in small bits or pieces. Ugh, look at all the glitter that flaked off my birthday cards.
2. To cause something to fall from something else in small bits or pieces. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "flake" and "off." Hey, stop touching the wall—you're flaking the paint off it!
3. slang To ignore a planned event or responsibility, often to do something frivolous instead. I flaked off class this afternoon and went to the mall instead.
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flake off (of) something

[for bits of something] to break away from the whole, perhaps under pressure or because of damage. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Little bits of marble began to flake off the marble steps. Bits flaked off from the whole.
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flake something off of something

 and flake something off
to make bits or flakes break off from the whole. The sculptor flaked bits of stone off the block, but you could not yet see what the block was going to become. She flaked off a little more.
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flake off

1. To break away from a surface in small, flat pieces: Rust is flaking off of the old pipes. Paint chips are flaking off from the ceiling.
2. Slang To fail to do something out of lack of interest; blow something off: Last night I flaked off doing the dishes because I was tired.
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Because the pigments were applied to glass, bits of the color have flaked off. Most noticeable in the black background, this sliced fruit seems to float in a starry night sky.
Pieces of my skin flaked off. I scraped them until my nails split,
QI had a new walk-in shower put in but the shower tray has started cracking and the surface enamel has flaked off. I wonder if you have a product I can apply to renovate the spots that are damaged?
They are the places in which occurs a considerable amount of materials flaked off from the roof Zurek et al., 2008) and/or materials caved in, which are expected to be eluted by the influence of intercepted water; for description see below (description of places is made from the adit level to the uppermost parts of Jeronym Mine).
215, a small amount of material flaked off from the roof can be found.
He said that the paint was likely to have flaked off when the tailfin was removed a few weeks before the crash.
The evidence was not orginally discovered on Sion Jenkins' clothing because the teenager's blood had not dried and flaked off to reveal it, the Old Bailey heard.
A murdered teenager's flesh was not discovered on her alleged killer's clothing during original scientific examination as her blood had not dried and flaked off to reveal it, an Old Bailey court heard yesterday.
Hearts No.2 Peter Houston said: 'Part of the bone in Stephen's ankle has flaked off from the ligament.
The idea of bringing back tapes of an archive from a long time ago, I think the first tapes that were used in the early fifties were based on celluloid, and the stuff, the oxide flaked off, so it was kind of hard to make that stuff.
Q I have recently added a wooden gate to my fence but the stain has flaked off the top of the gate along the grain.
She said Rory was chewing on the bib and swallowed pieces of a hologram that had flaked off.