flake off

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flake off

1. To fall or break away (from something) in small bits or fragments. Ugh, look at all the glitter that flaked off my birthday cards. A bunch of paint has flaked off the outside of the house. I think it's about time to repaint it.
2. To cause something to fall from something else in small bits or pieces. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "flake" and "off." Hey, stop touching the wall—you're flaking the paint off it!
3. slang To ignore a planned event or responsibility, often to do something frivolous instead. I flaked off class this afternoon and went to the mall instead.
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flake off (of) something

[for bits of something] to break away from the whole, perhaps under pressure or because of damage. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Little bits of marble began to flake off the marble steps. Bits flaked off from the whole.
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flake something off of something

 and flake something off
to make bits or flakes break off from the whole. The sculptor flaked bits of stone off the block, but you could not yet see what the block was going to become. She flaked off a little more.
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flake off

1. To break away from a surface in small, flat pieces: Rust is flaking off of the old pipes. Paint chips are flaking off from the ceiling.
2. Slang To fail to do something out of lack of interest; blow something off: Last night I flaked off doing the dishes because I was tired.
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The mold surface may then crack, buckle or flake off unless the molding sand is dimensionally stable under rapid heating.
So if you happen to scratch the non-stick surface of your cookware (by using metal utensils by scrubbing too vigorously) and particles flake off into your food, they'll pass right through your body without being absorbed.
If you prefer to use clay bricks, these can flake off a bit with frost so make sure to keep a few spare to replace any that get damaged if necessary.
"It certainly explains why over the years we have had to continually repaint the three pavilions as Portland Stone is porous and would naturally expand and contract causing the paint to flake off."
Mick Foley, defending, said: "The paint was already starting to flake off and he peeled it off with his hands.
AS And the paint until it doesn't flake off anymore and wipe clean.
The wire sheathing can flake off, or the wires can break and become very short.
That's because the surface layer of the epidermis consists of dead skin cells that constantly flake off. (Think dandruff) In fact, the epidermis sheds one million cells every 40 minutes, or nine pounds worth a year!
The microTrac 3 chillers have two insulated tanks made from rotomolded HDPE, in which the insulation has been molded right into the plastic to ensure that the material doesn't flake off into the coolant stream.
The reason why no-one has ever climbed this mountain before soon becomes clear as huge bits of it flake off if you so much as look at them.
These baby goats are no exception as they get their daily dose of high-factor sun cream after the rays caused the skin on their noses and ears to flake off.
Cells on the surface of your skin rub and flake off steadily and are continuously replaced with new ones.
But it must be removed in case it starts to flake off. Patients will be moved to new wards while the affected ones are sealed off.