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get flak

To receive a lot of criticism or judgment. Because I'm in a family full of surgeons, I get a lot of flak for my career in the arts.
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get/take (the) ˈflak (for something)

(informal) receive severe criticism: He’s taken a lot of flak for his unpopular decisions.Why do I always get the flak when something goes wrong around here?
Flak is bullets from guns on the ground that are shooting at enemy aircraft.
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and flack (flæk)
1. n. complaints; criticism; negative feedback. (Originally referred to antiaircraft guns and the explosions and damage they caused. The first form is an initialism from German Fliegerabwehrkanonen = flyer defense cannons. I.e., the initial fl plus the first a plus the k.) Why do I have to get all the flak for what you did?
2. n. publicity; hype. Who is going to believe this flack about being first-rate?
3. n. a public relations agent or officer. The flak made an announcement and then disappeared.
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Like Flak Jacket, he was purchased from Brian Meehan, and a gallant third at Newmarket's July meeting last week means he's already 2lb well in.
Brecongill Lad has probably reached his level in the handicap, while Flak Jacket is still working his way back up," said Nicholls.
We are pleased with the Concord certification because it complements the strengths of the WANscope 200 in the marketplace," said Flak.
They had lifted a curfew, so we put our flak jackets on and in we went.
announces the Exo Flak Jacket protective case, a new aircraft grade aluminum exo-structure for the iPhone 4 and 4s.
However, sources have told the Irish Sunday Mirror that flak jackets and fridges have also been taken.
His car was marked "press" and witnesses said he was wearing an identifying flak jacket.
Currently on the pistol range, everyone holds the weapon in their hand at the alert until the targets pop up, no one wears helmets or flak jackets, and the only position used is the standing.
Karman Carermencite, one of the staff at the Flik Flak zone explained, C[pounds sterling]As well as developing very trendy watches in a childrenCOs world where princesses rub shoulders with pirates and explorers, the Flik Flak brand has also developed a method of teaching children to tell the time, which is what we are here to share with the little guests to our zone.
So who exactly should be taking the flak, you may well ask?
The Wales camp were targeted for criticism following their inept performance against Scotland last month, but the flak died down with an improved performance against France, albeit a third straight Six Nations defeat.
When I ask Fein if he has received any serious flak from other conservatives for his sustained criticism, he admits some of his ideological homies are perturbed.
I have a feeling some readers may give Michael Levine flak for his article "Is Pride Good PR?
Like his counterpart Chris Bangle, David Robb has taken some Flak during his 13-year tenure as the design boss for BMW's motorcycle business.
By comparison, the "flak vest" of Vietnam came in at about 25 pounds, and the original flak vest worn by airmen during World War II weighed around 40 pounds, Air Force Museum officials said.