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get flak

To receive a lot of criticism, judgment, or teasing. Because I'm in a family full of surgeons, I get a lot of flak for my career in the arts.
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Criticism or judgment. It is a shortening of the German word Fliegerabwehrkanone, meaning "anti-aircraft gun." Come on, I'm trying my best—stop giving me so much flak.

get/take (the) ˈflak (for something)

(informal) receive severe criticism: He’s taken a lot of flak for his unpopular decisions.Why do I always get the flak when something goes wrong around here?
Flak is bullets from guns on the ground that are shooting at enemy aircraft.
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and flack (flæk)
1. n. complaints; criticism; negative feedback. (Originally referred to antiaircraft guns and the explosions and damage they caused. The first form is an initialism from German Fliegerabwehrkanonen = flyer defense cannons. I.e., the initial fl plus the first a plus the k.) Why do I have to get all the flak for what you did?
2. n. publicity; hype. Who is going to believe this flack about being first-rate?
3. n. a public relations agent or officer. The flak made an announcement and then disappeared.
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Flak Jacket invariably clicked into top gear, and his BHB mark would rise to the mid 70s.
An MOD report later said he would have survived the shooting if he had been wearing tough ceramic plates in his flak jacket.
Against a violent backdrop where the lives of civilians are meaningless, a flak jacket, not a press card, is the best guarantee of safety.
We are very proud to have been appointed agents for Jan De Nul Group for the services related to the Kriegers Flak Project, and we are looking forward to receiving the two large foundations here in the port of Koege.
Earlier in the day, Padilla's nephew Daniel Padilla and onscreen partner Kathryn Bernardo also drew flak for having their photos taken with their seemingly unaccomplished ballots inside the polling precinct.
Goodwin (right) admits the club's experienced stars wanted to shield the Saints kids from the worst of the flak.
The Trinamool Congress MLA's comments drew some serious flak from several quarters with the West Bengal Congress calling the comments unacceptable.
award (Presenter Is Struggling Here) goes to Piers Morgan, to soften the flak he's had over his CNN chat show.
He is experienced enough to deal with pressure and all the flak he has been getting.
Like the mission when flak came up through the floor of my tail turret, between my legs, and took the glass out of the top of the turret.
But, as a former England manager, Robson knows exactly the slings and arrows Staunton is currently facing, having been forced to endure such flak on many occasions.
Second, he says he was upset at the flak he got after throwing Maria out in favour of the execrable Conway Twitties.
This lively memoir, laced with the philosophical quotations that helped Joel make sense of what he was experiencing, is full of the images of modern warfare: ALICE packs and H harnesses, first-aid kits, M16 rifles, MREs, SCUD alarms, flak jackets, gas masks and nerve gas pills, helmets, convoys, and "bullets, artillery, and death.