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a flair for (something)

1. A natural talent or skill in some area. A: "Look at this drawing!" B: "Wow, Rachel really has a flair for art!" He showed a flair for poetry when he was young that only became more impressive as he got older. If Matt keeps up this flair for hitting, he might just make it to the major leagues one day.
2. A tendency to exhibit some trait or behavior. He has a flair for the dramatic, so I wouldn't take what he tells you too seriously. The politician's flair for making outlandish statements has made her popular among certain demographics of voters. Of course my sister would announce her engagement at my graduation party—she's always had a flair for stealing the spotlight.
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have a flair for (something)

1. To be talented or skilled in a particular area. A: "Look at this drawing!" B: "Wow, Rachel really has a flair for art!"
2. To have a tendency to exhibit some trait or behavior. He has a flair for the dramatic, so I wouldn't take what he tells you too seriously. The politician definitely has a flair for making outlandish statements, but those have only made her more popular among her supporters.
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have a flair for something

to have a talent for doing something; to have a special ability in some area. Alice has quite a flair for designing. I have a flair for fixing clocks.
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