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have a flair for something

to have a talent for doing something; to have a special ability in some area. Alice has quite a flair for designing. I have a flair for fixing clocks.
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Talking about his near death situation in August, Flair said: "There's no way I should be alive after some of the stuff I've done," adding, "I liked it.
CNR of FSE and FLAIR was almost comparable in the T2-weighted study, however, 24% CNR increased in FSE and 64% in FLAIR from the smallest to the highest value of TR.
12 In our study, as similar to the literature, DWI was found to be superior due to cytotoxic edema in early stage in most of the patients, and FLAIR images were superior in late- stage because it was replaced by vasogenic edema.
Consequently, postcontrast FLAIR images with delayed acquisition after intravenous contrast agent application might be complementary to DWI and PWI in neuroimaging of TIA.
The team is very proud to be recognised for serving our audience 'with flair and passion',' as the judges put it.
Flair Towers became a celebration of love for the Wongs when they came over with their baby to see their two-bedroom unit in the 25th floor of South Tower, one of two 40-story buildings in the community now ready for occupancy.
The new Citroen C1 NEW CITROEN C1 PRICES C1 Touch VTI 68 manual 3-door PS8,245 C1 Feel VTI 68 manual 3-door/5-door PS9,495/PS9,895 C1 Flair VTI 68 manual 3-door /5-door PS10,185/PS10,585 C1 Flair e-VTI 68 Airdream manual 3-door/5-door PS10,435/PS10,835 C1 Flair VTI 68 ETG 5-door PS11,085 C1 Flair VTI 82 manual 3-door/5-door PS10,535/PS10,935 C1 Airscape Feel VTI 68 manual 3-door/5-door PS10,345/PS10,745 C1 Airscape Feel VTI 82 manual 5-door PS11,095 C1 Airscape Flair e-VTI 68 Airdream manual 3-door/5-door PS11,285/PS11,685 C1 Airscape Flair VTI 68 ETG 5-door PS11,935 C1 Airscape Flair VTI 82 manual 3-door/5-door PS11,385/PS11,785 ONE of the most affordable new city cars will arrive here in July, in the shape of the latest incarnation of the Citroen C1 with prices from PS8,245.
M[euro][micro]VENPICK Hotels & Resorts across Asia and the Middle East has introduced a new Local Flair Getaway concept that connects travellers with unique local experiences that are light years away from traditional tourist attractions.
DARREN RANDOLPH has told Motherwell's flair players to start producing the goods again to halt the club's alarming recent slump.
THE European Space Agency's Dr Stephen Taylor will be among the speakers at today's Solar Flair conference in Durham.
2,3) FLAIR imaging, on the other hand, is a type of T2-weighted imaging in which the surrounding reactive and infiltrative changes of the primary tumor are also visualized, and therefore, the primary tumor is more completely characterized (Figure 1).
Both countries have a reputation for playing their football with flair and panache but their glorious histories have cut no ice with either Holland boss Bert van Marwijk and Brazilian head coach Dunga, who are making no apologies for placing functionality over flair.
London, June 5(ANI): Former Brazil captain Socrates has said that he will be cheering for Spain in South Africa, as the current national side managed by Dunga has sacrificed their traditional flair in favour of chasing trophies.