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flail about

To move one's body, often the limbs, in an erratic or clumsy way. The last time I tried ice skating, I spent most of the time flailing about and trying desperately not to fall.
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flail around

To move one's body, often the limbs, in an erratic or clumsy way The last time I tried ice skating, I spent most of the time flailing around and trying desperately not to fall.
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flail about

or flail around
To engage in rapid, frantic, undirected movements or activity: The baby cried and flailed about as we looked for the bottle. After I caught the fish, it flailed around in the bottom of the boat.
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In a prospective study, patients with flail chest had a higher rate of mechanical ventilation use, greater incidence of respiratory complications and longer length of hospital stay than those with rib fractures only, despite similar clinical severity, age and rates of lung contusion and extrathoracic injury (15).
A prospective randomized study of management of severe flail chest patients.
Performance of a portable chain flail delimber/ debarker processing northern hardwoods.
Fall tiller height was shortest in treatments that produced the most thorough residue removal and stubble height reduction (Rake, Vacuum, Burn), whereas tillers were taller in Flail 3X (stubble height reduced, no straw removal) and Bale (no stubble height reduction, 75% straw removal) treatments (Table 1).
Always maintain a safe distance of 300 meters from the vehicle during operation in a minefield or when the flail is engaged.
However, the description of the BCS brush mower in the article--"many individual blades spinning vertically from a horizontal axis"--actually applies to our flail mower.
Thus, the court concluded that an estate or trust must incur investment advisory fees that would not be incurred if the assets were not held in the estate or trust, to permit a flail deduction.
Two support wheels control the height of the flail and the length of the chains which hit the soil surface.
In this small classic, redemption is a flail grace Mac Sledge is afraid to lean on.
Choosing the right flail configuration is frequently an overwhelming task.
Operators, the well-being of the light flail's undercarriage components hinge on good track adjustment.
Braham, he added, had caused "unpleasant" injuries with the rice flail that left Tammy Miller needing hospital treatment.
2004), in which the Fifth Circuit found that the transfer of assets in return for the limited partnership interest was for flail and adequate consideration (preventing the imposition of Sec.
The New Holland 1441 and 1442 Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioners provide Discbine disc-cutting technology with rubber-roll or flail conditioning in a maneuverable, high-capacity machine.
One day, however, this merchant of broken dreams is confronted with the orphan (Vinicius de Olivera) of a client she has betrayed, a child whose savvy intelligence and flail humanity ultimately awaken Dora's dormant conscience and send both on a soul-searching pilgrimage of hope and transformation.