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in flagrante (delicto)

In the act of committing a crime, misdeed, or immoral act, especially having sexual intercourse with someone other than one's spouse. I heard that he was fired after being caught in flagrante delicto with the new intern.
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in flaˈgrante (delicto)

(from Latin, literary or humorous) if somebody is found or caught in flagrante, they are discovered doing something that they should not be doing, especially having sex: One of the gentlemen was caught in flagrante with the wife of the club’s President, which of course caused a huge scandal.
The meaning of the Latin phrase is ‘in the heat (of the crime)’.
See also: flagrante
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In designing In Flagrante Two I deliberately made the border slightly bigger so people could cut the pictures out and frame them.
MP Nigel Griffiths is caught in flagrante delicto in the Palace of Westminster.
Nessa mistura de controle e prazer, destacaremos uma lógica e uma estética do flagrante presentes tanto no olhar quanto na atenção vigilante sobre a cidade e os indivíduos que nela circulam.
I highly recommend this to any lover of intelligent mystery--and just as an aside, "in flagrante dilecto" is not misspelled .
In his latest novel, THERE'S ALWAYS A REASON (Strebor Books, $14), William Fredrick Cooper weaves a powerful story about the crucible of love, betrayal and redemption, it is the story of William McCall, whose cycle of loss begins when--while preparing to make a surprise marriage proposal--he catches his girlfriend in flagrante delicto with another man.
After caught being in flagrante with two prostitutes, instead of being at his Defence Ministry office, he moved to a luxurious villa in Tuscany and lived a sybaritic life.
De igual manera, se pretende el acercamiento a una tesis jurisprudencial que matiza o introduce ciertos elementos en cuanto a la configuracion de la situacion flagrante ante la comision de tales delitos, teniendo en cuenta el alcance de la flagrancia en cuanto a las restricciones que pueden autorizarse sin orden judicial en el domicilio, el recinto privado y la libertad ambulatoria.
Even the most straitlaced among us have surely wondered: In zero gravity, what kinds of Cirque du Solar System permutations could one perform with a partner in flagrante delicto?
That night, having effected a cure, the alluring Eva is discovered in delecto flagrante with the young prodigal and promptly repudiated by the elders.
This season, though, Daniels believes the Dance will recede into ancient history--especially after viewers see her in flagrante delicto during some kinky-funny sex scenes she cannot yet reveal.
It's the ultimate in reality TV - when the stars we're used to seeing dressed up to the nines suddenly appear on home video in flagrante, we can't help but look.
The human figures, meanwhile, express a gnomic, diaphanous physicality that perfectly suits their function as placeholders for sensory experience--mostly we see them in flagrante, overlapping and transparent, dorky-graceful, like real love.
The two men challenging the law, John Lawrence and Tyron Gardner, were briefly jailed and fined $200 each after being caught flagrante delicto in Lawrence's unlocked apartment, which the police entered on a neighbor's false tip about an intruder.