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He started the production of printed flags with no-joint in green and white part and first time printed crescent and star were introduced in local market by the VIP FLAGS.
No Indian flag to light up Burj Khalifa on its Independence Day
I am always shocked to see flags lying on the ground, floating in rainwater and torn flags hanging everywhere.
Those only have the flag on one side of the fabric and when you fold them and unfurl them again you can see cracks forming on the paint.
I am proud to see fifty iconic historic county flags of our great nation proudly flying in the heart of Westminster on this momentous day for the United Kingdom.
are honored to continue our partnership with Ayala Foundation Inc., especially since the second phase of the #MagingMagiting flag campaign will enable us to provide new flags to police precincts nationwide.
But  ( Nike defended  the action  saying it had to cancel the shoe launch because "it featured the old version of the American flag."
The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) set the National Flag Days in a two-week period starting May 28 and ending on June 12, the country's Independence Day.
Bush called his art "disgraceful," and Congress quickly passed the Flag Protection Act of 1989, making it a punishable offense for anyone who "knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any U.S.
A woman, who played Inang Bayan (Motherland), appeared 'mournful' as young scouts handed to her the folded flag.
Rizal holds a rifle called "Mindanao" that shoots the bullet of hope (pearl) on one hand and fan imprinted with the Philippine flag called "Rusonyashu" or "Lusonyashu" (a portmanteau of Luzon and Visayas) on the other.
Seaside Boulevard Department began to holdthe events on the occasion of the National Flag Day.
People of Pakistan should know that our national flag is not a piace of decoration which should be hanged, but it is part of our identity, it represents Pakistan.
Kuwaiti athletes have participated in international events under the IOC flag, including their participation in the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro.
Delray Beach, FL, August 09, 2018 --(, an American-based flag retailer headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, has unveiled a new brand identity, logo, and website.