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But the important point for our purposes is the realization that the setting or context affects the interpretation, and that in responding fixedly to the word prostitute, the students were responding to a fiction, to an 'absolute meaning,' to a symbol considered apart from the varied possible contexts in which it might be located.
There always comes a moment when one learns to be quiet, perhaps because he has earned, at last, the right to listen; a moment when one stops doing things because one has learned to look fixedly at an unmoving thing, and this wisdom must be the wisdom of the dead.
The assembly is then permanently united, preferably though not necessary, under the influence of heat and pressure to form a unitary strip or body in which the conductor strips are fixedly embedded in parallel spaced relation.
Slightly-built He, aged 38 - dressed in red and black Nike top and white sports jacket - spoke only to confirm his details and stared fixedly downwards during the 10-minute hearing.
When I found him under the stars, he was not fiddling with his CCD setup but sitting behind his NP-101, staring fixedly into the eyepiece.
In addition, even those participants with predetermined beliefs and preferences are rarely perceived by other participants to hold their views fixedly, thus leading to attempts by those others to persuade them to change their views.
I had nay bow half drawn, and the biggest buck I had seen in many years was standing 20 steps away, looking at me fixedly.
CHICAGO - The long, grim face peers fixedly out of the painting, as if in mild challenge.
While they spoke passionately under an Inca banner proclaiming Yes to an Integration Based on Solidarity, US Trade Representative Zoellick "stared fixedly at his shoe.
Then I noticed that the antelope were no longer watching me but were staring fixedly in another direction.
Perhaps she's still immersed in the wordless whispers, moans, and sighs, perhaps she is concentrating so fixedly on the problem of piecing the sounds together into words that she doesn't see the row of buttons.
Typically, one sheep stares fixedly at the surrounding country.