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fix (someone)

To exact revenge upon or punish someone. You lousy piece of road kill, if you ever show your face around here again, I'll fix you good! Don't worry, I'll fix him when he gets home.
See also: fix


1. Sl. a dose of a drug or narcotic. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; need ~.) The addict badly needed a fix and was very fidgety.
2. an appropriate repair. Do you have a good fix for a leaky faucet?

fix something

Sl. to pay money in secret to have something turn out the way you want. The Boss fixed all the horse races in the county. After the gun-control bill failed to pass, there were rumors that the gun lobby had fixed the legislature.


1. and fix-up n. a dose of a drug, especially for an addict who is in need of drugs. (Drugs. It fixes the suffering of withdrawal.) It was clear that the prisoner needed a fix, but there was nothing the cops would do for him.
2. in. to buy a dose of drugs; to take drugs. (see also fixed. Drugs.) Frank had to fix before he could even talk to me.
3. tv. to castrate or spay an animal, especially a pet. (see also fixed. Jocularly of people.) Sally suggested that someone ought to fix Beavis—if he isn’t already.
4. n. a bribe. (see also fixed.) Rocko never took a fix in his life.
5. tv. to influence the outcome of a contest or an election. (see also fixed.) Sam knows what it takes to fix an election—cash.
6. n. a scheme to influence the outcome of a contest or an election. Something is wrong with this game. I smell a fix.
7. n. a repair made to a computer program. (Computers.) This little fix should make the whole program run faster.
8. n. a cure for a social ill. (see also quick fix.) There is no easy fix for a problem like this.
References in classic literature ?
It was on the strength of circumstances he relied, and not upon our word, to fix us for ever.
Don't cry, dear, but just exert yourself a bit, and fix us up something to eat.
Our government needs to fix us first before helping everyone else.
Maybe that's in your DNA because you were created and brought into our lives with the intent to fix us.
It would be criminal for us not to tap into the mind of this living legend and if Ferguson can fix us then it will be his finest triumph and provide a lasting legacy befitting of the man.
avfc @carthemo a defensive coach to fix us at the back.
Oz Show," in addition to less recognizable names, as viewers "learn about those we depend on to fix us, and how sometimes they just can't,” executive producer Terry Wrong said in a statement.
He went on to say that change was necessary to fix US economic, tax, energy and foreign policy.
We let her fix us up & now we're happily married and have a new son Vincent - Kerrie totally knows what she's doing.
During both nights, we had marched several kilometres to break through the IED screens that had been laid to fix us in position.
Something must be done to awaken the average American, or there won't be enough doctors to fix us," he said.
I'll drag my ass into the kitchen, fix us something to eat, and then all evening, All through the evening, I'll hold you hard to everything that hurts.
Please do not fix us," he reportedly said while appearing together with the Afghan ambassador.
Maybe we've now reached that age where the NHS decides it's no longer cost-effective to fix us.
to get ready for work, fix breakfast, take my brother and I to school, work a sometimes nine-hour day, come home to fix us dinner, help us with homework and go to bed exhausted, only to repeat it all the next day.