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It will be FAUST on Saturday: let us both see the performance from Box Five on the grand tier
After the destruction of San Francisco, Governor Guild, of Massachusetts, sent an appeal for the stricken city to the three hundred and fifty-four mayors of his State; and by the courtesy of the Bell Company, which carried the messages free, they were delivered to the last and furthermost mayors in less than five hours.
I'll take it at even money," she said, dismissing him; "and Your Majesty"--turning to the King who had been conversing with the two princes and certain of the nobles--"I accept your wager of five hundred pounds.
With five thousand you can buy a pretty little house with two acres of land; the remaining twenty thousand will bring you in a thousand francs a year.
No, madame, for I presume that the king, standing godfather to him, could do no less than present him with five hundred thousand francs, giving his father, also, the government of Normandy.
What say you, mademoiselle--will you accept the forty five francs, or would you prefer seeing the marchande de mode?
Then I will have none of your five thousand francs.
Its walls rose some twenty feet above the floor, which was about five feet in width.
When all had spun themselves to their places, they were about five or six feet apart--and so situated, the entire circle of spinning pagans spun itself three separate times around the room.
A filled straight belonging to French Louis gave him a pot of five thousand against two sets of threes held by Campbell and Kearns.
So he signified five men, and more; five women, and more five children, and more; five babies, and more; five dogs, and more--even of pigs did he announce five and more.
It was "The Ring of Bells," one of his horror stories, and it was an even five thousand words.
Me give 'm five stick," the six-quart steward bargained.
He peddled the rubbish for several dollars, while I pledged the dress-suit with my pawnbroker for five dollars.
Maybe they are worth five hundred dollars, maybe one thousand dollars.