ain't fittin' to roll with a pig

1. Dirty or slovenly. After spending all day doing construction work, Jack ain't fittin' to roll with a pig. You can't leave without showering, you stink! You ain't fittin' to roll with a pig, let alone be out among people! The kids ain't fittin' to roll with a pig right now—they just got home from school, and they're all wet and muddy.
2. Ill-mannered, crude, and insensitive; boorish. You want to bring Tommy to some highfalutin awards ceremony? He ain't fittin' to roll with a pig, let alone rub elbows with such high-class people. Geez, Tom, you ain't fittin' to roll with a pig. Have a little class! Why on earth did you invite these fools to such a fancy event? They ain't fittin' to roll with a pig!
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it ain't fittin'

slang It is improper or unbecoming. It ain't fittin' for kids to be screaming like that in a public place.
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ain't fittin' to roll with a pig

Rur. is or are filthy or uncouth. After a day's work in the hot sun, Clyde ain't fittin' to roll with a pig.
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It ain't fittin'.

Rur. It is not right; It is inappropriate. It ain't fittin'for the bridegroom to see his bride before the ceremony. Young folks shouldn't talk back to their elders. It ain't f ittin'.
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They'll be more fittin' company for you, Miss; and the man at the book-stall, he said they banged iverything for picturs; he said they was a fust-rate article."
American writer and political analyst Zerlina Maxwell tweeted, " BILL COSBY BEING PUT IN CUFFS FITTIN TO IMPROVE MY MOOD.
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Lean believe Moth fittin"box it t all em At looking prepar"I put the pregnancy test in a gift along with her card and handed to her that day.
Worrell plays the keyboards, and other members are Andrew Kimball (guitar), Kyle Cadena (guitar), Scott Hogan (bass), Glen Fittin (percussion) and Nicole Scorsone (violin).
? Consider fittin battery-operate system for you containers, conserve keep yo perfect ?
Stoph76: completely agree with letter in today's paper regardin fans fittin around tv schedule.
Popstar (9.00pm Darius Cam Nolan comp well as perf they will tea the mentors operatic du of their skil to be a fittin closely con ar to Operastar m) ampbell and Bernie mpete in the final.
Fittin Cunningham & Lauzon Inc., 892 F.2d 208 (2d Cir.
COUNTRY singer Eamon McCann, right, is set to embark on the "Tight fittin Jeans Tour" of Tennessee and Branson Missouri in early October for an exciting 10-days.
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