ain't fittin' to roll with a pig

Dirty and/or boorish. After spending all day doing construction work, Jack ain't fittin' to roll with a pig.
See also: pig, roll

ain't fittin' to roll with a pig

Rur. is or are filthy or uncouth. After a day's work in the hot sun, Clyde ain't fittin' to roll with a pig.
See also: pig, roll

It ain't fittin'.

Rur. It is not right; It is inappropriate. It ain't fittin'for the bridegroom to see his bride before the ceremony. Young folks shouldn't talk back to their elders. It ain't f ittin'.
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The firm has named Christopher L Fittin as senior MD and portfolio manager at the Princeton, NJ Private Banking office.
Worrell plays the keyboards, and other members are Andrew Kimball (guitar), Kyle Cadena (guitar), Scott Hogan (bass), Glen Fittin (percussion) and Nicole Scorsone (violin).
Consider fittin battery-operate system for you containers, conserve keep yo perfect ?
Stoph76: completely agree with letter in today's paper regardin fans fittin around tv schedule.
00pm Darius Cam Nolan comp well as perf they will tea the mentors operatic du of their skil to be a fittin closely con ar to Operastar m) ampbell and Bernie mpete in the final.
COUNTRY singer Eamon McCann, right, is set to embark on the "Tight fittin Jeans Tour" of Tennessee and Branson Missouri in early October for an exciting 10-days.