fit the bill

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fit the bill

To be helpful, useful, or what is needed in a certain situation. A: "I need another string of lights." B: "Will this one fit the bill?"
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fit the bill


fill the bill

COMMON If someone or something fits the bill, they are exactly the right person or thing for a particular situation. I wanted someone who really knew their way around film-making and I knew that Richard would fit the bill. Finding somewhere peaceful to paint was their main priority when it came to finding a home — and their 17th-century house on a remote hillside certainly fits the bill. `Tea? Coffee?' — `Coffee would just fill the bill.' Note: The `bill' in this expression is a public notice advertising something such as a show or a play.
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fit (or fill) the bill

be suitable for a particular purpose.
Bill in this context is a printed list of items on a theatrical programme or advertisement.
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fit the ˈbill

(informal) be suitable for a purpose: We need a new sofa for the living room, and I think this one will fit the bill quite nicely.
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They found one gene, named mixer, that fits the bill.
Kidaro Managed Workspace fits the bill, providing a robust, enterprise-class solution that complements the best-of-breed products we offer our leading customers.
Tung have developed a form of calcium phosphate that fits the bill.
95) fits the bill as much as anything, with moist pieces in a similar-looking but obviously much milder rendition than the mahi-mahi vindaloo dish.
The legendary Pink's hot dog stand on La Brea Boulevard fits the bill for the publication party for Lewis MacAdams' new book ``Birth of the Cool'' on Thursday night.
Sony has come out with a stylish little portable TV, the Watchman FDL-250T, that fits the bill perfectly.