fit the bill

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fit the bill

To be helpful, useful, or what is needed in a certain situation. A: "I need another string of lights." B: "Will this one fit the bill?"
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fit the bill


fill the bill

COMMON If someone or something fits the bill, they are exactly the right person or thing for a particular situation. I wanted someone who really knew their way around film-making and I knew that Richard would fit the bill. Finding somewhere peaceful to paint was their main priority when it came to finding a home — and their 17th-century house on a remote hillside certainly fits the bill. `Tea? Coffee?' — `Coffee would just fill the bill.' Note: The `bill' in this expression is a public notice advertising something such as a show or a play.
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fit (or fill) the bill

be suitable for a particular purpose.
Bill in this context is a printed list of items on a theatrical programme or advertisement.
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fit the ˈbill

(informal) be suitable for a purpose: We need a new sofa for the living room, and I think this one will fit the bill quite nicely.
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But he will not have fortunes to spend and the energetic Bullard fits the bill.
Reports claim Burley is the man the Scottish Football Association's interview panel have decided best fits the bill as Alex McLeish's successor.
Despite landing Leighton Baines from Wigan, Everton boss David Moyes still wants to strengthen the left-hand side of his midfield and Taylor fits the bill.
If you think your little angel fits the bill, write, enclosing contact details and a photo of your child wearing everyday clothing and no make-up to: Joanne Hawes, 'Tam Auditions', One Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RA.
He said: ``Salif fits the bill. He's got plenty of experience and is a competitive player and I am confident he will be able to give us a helping hand.
Janet Sheridan, sales and marketing director for George Wimpey North, said: "We think Home Mover fits the bill."
This thong with multiple charms fits the bill and can be picked up at Dress for Less in Lindley for pounds 16.50.
If you know someone who fits the bill and who would like to fill the role for three of six shows, call Leanne on 01633 678820.
Scottish SPCA spokeswoman Angela Walton said: "We have awards for people who have been particularly brave in saving animals, and this man certainly fits the bill."
That's big, even for a shire animal, but Prince fits the bill and will team up with Sammy in working demonstrations.
They found one gene, named mixer, that fits the bill. The gene encodes a protein that regulates the activity of other genes.
But Moyes has been busy scouring Europe for a decent quality forward who comes within his tight budget and Barda - who has scored on average once every two matches in 18 months for Genk - fits the bill.
"The Skybet Gymcrack fits the bill and we'll hopefully see the stars of the future in it."