fit with

fit with (something)

1. To correspond to or compliment something well. I'm sorry, but that paint color just doesn't fit with the calming aesthetic I want for the yoga studio.
2. To give someone the necessary items or equipment to do something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "fit" and "with." The coach knew it was my first year playing hockey, so he fit me with the other gear I needed.
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fit with something

to harmonize with something; to go well with something. Do you think that your behavior fits with the occasion? This coat doesn't fit with these slacks.
See also: fit
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New methods for fitting a target market that can improve fit by at least 50% over a product's current fit with the same number of sizes; and
Statistics indicate that a small percentage of warfighters cannot achieve a proper fit with a standard-issue mask.
For those who are hard to fit with the M40 series protective mask and the M50 series JSGPM, the M45 CB protective mask can offer a possible solution.
Afterwards, their second study sought to validate their emerging definition of fit with further sessions with 38 people in six organizations in different sectors and geographical locations.
How do the organization's values fit with the values you think it should hold?
Although insufficient for the workplace, this mask offered substantial protection from the challenge aerosol and showed good fit with minimal leakage.
Melancon, Thompson, and Becnel (1994) isolated eight factors rather than nine, and they were unable to find a perfect fit with the model proposed by Fennema and Sherman.
They fit with a poor quality fit, but they fit,'' Rubin, a former executive with Aris Isotoner, the gloves' manufacturer, testified.
The purpose of this article is to develop a theory that addresses how fit with single aspects of the work environment combine and interact to affect a variety of individual-level outcomes.