fit to drop

fit to drop

Completely exhausted, fatigued, or worn out. I was fit to drop after only the first mile of the race; I could barely even walk for the rest of it!
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fit (or ready) to drop

worn out; exhausted.
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fit/ready to ˈdrop

(informal) very tired; exhausted: I feel fit to drop.We danced until we were ready to drop.
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References in classic literature ?
Miss Squeers knew this perfectly well, but had perhaps forgotten it, for when she caught sight of that young gentleman advancing towards them, she evinced many symptoms of surprise and consternation, and assured her friend that she 'felt fit to drop into the earth.'
That result was something of an improved effort, but the handicapper has seen fit to drop him 1lb ahead of this outing and Storm Over might just be finding his groove now.
"The effects on residents' health has been visible, some have looked fit to drop, unbelievably stressed and the situation completely consumed them.
Nevertheless he was game enough in defeat, and the handicapper has seen fit to drop him 1lb in the ratings following that defeat.
Handicapper saw fit to drop her 5lb for that, though, and she's not won for a year.
FIT TO DROP Mourinho saw Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw (right) join the United injury list
FIT TO DROP Z But Caitlin has now recovered from addiction to the gym
In 1982 he and his wife came to live in Cyprus since where he wrote a novel Swindley And The Golden Fleece, published two collections of short stories The Paradise Collection and Good Night, Bad Dreams along with 20 one-act plays, the last of which, Fit To Drop was published in 2012.
Reappearing over 10 furlongs at Salisbury in May, it looked a case of her stamina giving way rather than a lack of fitness that saw her finish fourth and Stoute saw fit to drop her to a mile for her next race.
Yet neither Jerry Bruckheimer nor Brian Grazer saw fit to drop by the June 4-6 Produced By conference, which drew more than 800 producers and wannabes commiserating about the dire state of their craft.
And the early weeks of pre-season training under him last year left most of the squad fit to drop with exhaustion.
It took 46 minutes to cover the 10k and as I crossed the finish line I was fit to drop."
He arrived home on Sunday, June 13, a stone lighter, gaunt-faced and fit to drop - so much a shadow of his usual self that even his wife had to look twice to recognise him at the airport - but filled with an unquestionable sense of achievement and renewed perspective on life.
In this dimmed room where god has seen fit to drop me, I make observations, which I note down in a small clothbound book.