fit the bill

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fit the bill

To be helpful, useful, or what is needed in a certain situation. A: "I need another string of lights." B: "Will this one fit the bill?"
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fit the bill


fill the bill

COMMON If someone or something fits the bill, they are exactly the right person or thing for a particular situation. I wanted someone who really knew their way around film-making and I knew that Richard would fit the bill. Finding somewhere peaceful to paint was their main priority when it came to finding a home — and their 17th-century house on a remote hillside certainly fits the bill. `Tea? Coffee?' — `Coffee would just fill the bill.' Note: The `bill' in this expression is a public notice advertising something such as a show or a play.
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fit (or fill) the bill

be suitable for a particular purpose.
Bill in this context is a printed list of items on a theatrical programme or advertisement.
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fit the ˈbill

(informal) be suitable for a purpose: We need a new sofa for the living room, and I think this one will fit the bill quite nicely.
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Do you fit the bill? If so, will you stick out your arm?
If you want a columnar specimen, S aucuparia 'Fastigiata' may fit the bill, reaching a height of 6m and producing clusters of ripe red berries.
An inspirational character like Enyeama could fit the bill
WHATEVER effect you are trying to achieve in your garden, there is a shrub that will fit the bill.
Robinson said: "People know that we are looking for experience, so people like Bryan Robson, Peter Reid and even Dave Bassett would fit the bill in many ways."
And the pair are appealing for help from couples in Coventry in Warwickshire who feel they may fit the bill.
Atkins left Bristol Rovers by mutual consent last month but the Solihull-based manager would certainly fit the bill if he can be tempted into the post
At 10 million years of age, TW Hydrae fit the bill. It's part of a group of young stars that lies 180 light-years from Earth.
His servant girl, Sybil, and his talking raven, Odo, hunt for a green-eyed reader and find not one but two boys who fit the bill, one sweet and one sour; bury and rebury their not-quite-dead master: and contend with a mysterious monk who is trying to retrieve the book and with the city reeve, who wants the alchemist's gold.
Mueller's Pro-Style Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace and ATF Ankle Brace fit the bill. The high-strength, patented triaxial hinges on the knee brace allow unrestricted, natural knee movement while the adjustable straps provide controlled compression for a custom fit, according to the company.
This property fit the bill, and it worked for them aesthetically."
Do you fit the bill and are you up for a ten-day challenge?
If so, this charming three-bedroom terraced home in the centre of Corbridge may just fit the bill.