fit the bill

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fit the bill

To be helpful, useful, or what is needed in a certain situation. A: "I need another string of lights." B: "Will this one fit the bill?"
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fit the bill


fill the bill

COMMON If someone or something fits the bill, they are exactly the right person or thing for a particular situation. I wanted someone who really knew their way around film-making and I knew that Richard would fit the bill. Finding somewhere peaceful to paint was their main priority when it came to finding a home — and their 17th-century house on a remote hillside certainly fits the bill. `Tea? Coffee?' — `Coffee would just fill the bill.' Note: The `bill' in this expression is a public notice advertising something such as a show or a play.
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fit (or fill) the bill

be suitable for a particular purpose.
Bill in this context is a printed list of items on a theatrical programme or advertisement.
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fit the ˈbill

(informal) be suitable for a purpose: We need a new sofa for the living room, and I think this one will fit the bill quite nicely.
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A group called the New Grass Revival was looking for a bassist and Cowan fit the bill.
We'll bust the myths about what it takes to be fuel efficient and offer comprehensive reviews of small cars, compact SUVs and people movers that fit the bill.
The offices, which were originally designed for a creative and technologically-advanced company, fit the bill perfectly and provided Google with the ideal expansion space to house its growing business.
Meteorites, the fragments of asteroids that have fallen to Earth, fit the bill.
Little Christian Montoyo fit the bill for Friday's free dentistry program for 100 children from low-income families.
The Yankees' Ramiro Mendoza would fit the bill, but Yankees manager Joe Torre has been insistent on keeping him because of his ability to both start and pitch out of the bullpen.